Anyone Can Point Out an Insoluble Problem

It takes a real idiot to provide an unworkable solution

Martin Falbisoner
Martin Falbisoner
It's your own fault if you don't ask 'em - in public!

  1. How 'handled' are candidates these days?  I.e., to what extent does the guidance of campaign strategists form the person and personality presented to the public?  Please provide a %, 0-100.
  2. The volunteer military has become a too-selective service.  What would be the advantages and disadvantages of reestablishing the draft?
  3. Why not just get rid of everything but Delta Force?  What are the real reasons we have bases in so many countries?
  4. Philanthropist Bill Gates says:  "Why say 'truly X'? Is 'X' not enough?"  Is 'X' enough these days?
  5. Will lower taxes and less regulations, (smaller gov't), help the economy and create jobs? The Dems like to grow gov't with higher taxes, more regulations and more agencies.
  6. Politician, let's call him Juan Eb, claims "WE NEED TO CUT WELFARE AND GREEN SUBSIDIES." A foreign born citizen, let's call him Sig Namath, says, "but what about oil subsidies?" Juan responds "government should not be the business of subsidizing anything, but CUT WELFARE SINCE THAT IS A DRAIN"

    "What about farm subsidies?" Juan responds "government should not be the business of subsidizing anything, but CUT WELFARE SINCE THAT IS A DRAIN"

    Why doesn't Juan ever say "As my first act, I'll pass a bill to end farm subsidies, oil subsidies and welfare", ever?  Read more about this at Cato: http://bit.ly/1krjWsi 
  7. Which class do you identify with?

Tom Thumb January 09, 2014 at 07:42 PM
Pan sorry, I'm a clown with the money vid. Hey, it's tough to overcome that kind of hurt. I've got issues with a few people from the past that still hurt when I think on it. But it was as much my fault as it was their fault. Life goes on.
Tom Thumb January 09, 2014 at 08:06 PM
I've got a few embarassing stories from the past, but no need to elaborate on any. But, this is the problem why gov't ain't working. The FBI, now also NSA, they've got loads of info on Congress people. Anybody steps out of line that ain't perfect, bam, revelation. Or if nothing devestating, bam, something created based on profile.
Dan Avery January 09, 2014 at 11:34 PM
Wait just a darn minute here. When I first saw this post you had two, count them two questions. And then, rather than delete them Greg Rath's Style, you added more questions? That is not fair, Sir. And yes, I know, God is not fair. But that is God's business and who am I to play God? Shut up, Shri. You too, Lazlo. Enough. No. This will not stand. I demand you delete this thread at once! It makes me look oh so lame! And that's the reason that Col. Raths deletes his threads, because they make him, not me, look so lame. So There. The end. Oh, yes, and the Doctor married the nurse.
Panglonymous January 10, 2014 at 08:05 AM
Thanks for coming folks and drive safely. Class dismissed!


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