Five Quick Cleanups in Five Minutes or Less

Nobody likes to clean and most women have a full schedule that doesn’t leave extra time to keep things just the way they want. To help, Maid Brigade of South Orange County, offers five quick cleanups that take less than five minutes each but help big time in keeping your home neat and tidy.  

Got five minutes? Tackle one of these quick cleaning chores. 

1. Clear countertop and floor clutter.  Make a home for bills, paperwork, and mail. Wash dishes after you are done using them so they don’t pile up in the sink. Pick up dirty laundry and run a load while clearing the rest of the clutter. Put toys away. Place a coat rack by your front door to hang coats, backpacks, umbrellas, and shoes so they are all in one spot. Keep a box in the hall closet or other convenient location for items you want to donate.

2. Clean up dust. Dust the tops of wood furniture, hanging lights, and knick-knacks with a microfiber cloth. Use a dry paintbrush to help dust hard to reach areas. Clean pet hair off upholstered furniture by placing a rubber glove on your hand and wiping up the hair.

3. Wipe down fingerprints. Wipe all noticeable fingerprints off doors, walls, glass tables, and mirrors using a mix of vinegar and water. Then wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

4. Sanitize surfaces. Clean all countertops in the kitchen and the bathroom.  Throw some vinegar in the toilet bowl for a quick sanitizing clean.

5. Vacuum floors and area rugs.  Use a HEPA vacuum cleaner if possible to vacuum floors, rugs, and baseboards. No time to vacuum?  Grab your dry microfiber mop and quickly brush over the floor to pick up all noticeable crumbs and dust.

Want more cleaning tips? Join “Clean Green Talk” radio show co-hosts Marie Stegner and Leslie Reichert for an informative, entertaining one-hour webinar and learn how easy it can be to keep your home clean, healthy and guest-worthy on a regular basis. 

To register to attend visit the Maid Brigade Facebook page at www.facebook.com/maidbrigade.

Shripathi Kamath March 13, 2014 at 08:41 PM
1. Clear countertop and floor clutter. 2. Clean up dust. 3. Wipe down fingerprints. 4. Sanitize surfaces. 5. Vacuum floors and area rugs. ___________________________________________________ You can still get caught, since there are too many things to do. Instead you should first cover the floor and the walls with plastic sheets. So add them in Step 0 and remove them in Step 6 after the kill. Dispose them from your boat along with the body. Just like Dexter does it. If you do that then the intermediary steps are not necessary.


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