Rick Warren on Son's Death

Tonight at 9 p.m., Rick and Kay Warren are interviewed by Piers Morgan in their first interview about their son Matthew's suicide.
imcjl September 19, 2013 at 11:22 AM
Deepest sympathies and continued prayers to the. Warren family... such a sad outcome from mental illness. With two thirds of all gun deaths in the US due to suicide, the Warrens made it clear that, regardless of how tough the gun laws are in US (as is the case in CA), if someone wants to get a gun to kill themselves, they'll be relentless in finding one as their son did. Their son's tragedy will serve as a testimony to help people better understand and accept mental illness, remove the stigma, and help change laws so that the current protection related to the autonomy and medical privacy of adult mentally ill patients can be set aside in cases such as Matthew's or the Navy's mass murderer(or Sandy Hook, or Aurora, etc) to protect themselves and the public from these unnecessary tragedies. Wake up lawmakers and attorneys... stop the political drum beating on guns as the the villain and focus on the real cause of most of these senseless tragedies - broken mental health laws where NO ONE can intervene long term to help the person at the center of it all... The Warren family will cast a light on this in a way few others can... Prayers for their continued healing, and for the strength / success to change the way the world responds to mental illness.


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