How Much Do Mission Viejo Dentists Charge?

This is not your grandfather's dentistry. This is easy and ... online. Well, most of it anyway.

The going rate for dentists in Mission Viejo is, well, negotiable. OK, that’s not a dollar amount, but most offices will work with new patients on an initial consult, X-rays, maybe even a cleaning.

But the most important thing to tell you about these folks is the video on the right—fun as it is (and it is)—does not apply. 

These offices have dentists with decades of experience, digital X-ray services and cool machines with acronyms and big-time results.

They can do X-rays with radically less radiation, fix long-standing problems and play pretty music while the drill hums and whirs.

You didn’t think you’d get out of that part, did you?


First up is Dr. Murat Atli, at 24000 Alicia Pkwy., suite 18. Practice is called Global Dental Group. The tech stuff here is amazing, and that's just the website: YouTube videos, plus you can schedule appointments or fill out new-client paperwork in advance. There are also photos of the office and educational videos.

A general dentistry office, it seems to focus on restorative and aesthetic dentistry: whitening, bleaching, bonding, implants and a machine that fixes decayed, cracked and chipped teeth.

Mission Viejo Dental Associates has the coolest slogan we could find: Your smile is our top priority. The best slogans do double-duty, right, so these folks, they’re saying they want patients to be happy—and that it’s literally about improving our smiles.

Now these guys are one guy, Dr. Robert Stalcup, and one woman, Dr. Le Tran. The former has 40-plus years' experience. He beats my own dentist, Dr. Carpenter, who has 38. When we need work on our teeth, we want that kind of longevity … can I get an amen?

Stalcup has run dental organizations large and small and worked for state dental boards. Tran is an Indianapolis Colts fan—yes, the website says so—graduated at the top of her dental surgery class and does the whole Invisalign thing. These are some good hands, people.

Again, online info is a key here:

It’s on Marguerite Parkway. E-mail if you like.

Dansk Dental is also on Marguerite and also has a way cool website. It even has a slide show showing the evolution of a cavity. And I bet you were planning to see the Liam Neeson movie instead. But this one’s free.

More tech stuff: Google has a place for them.

Experience? We said: decades. Dr. Michael Hansen, the man behind the Dansk, has done more than 20,000 cosmetic dental procedures and is pushing 30 years in the work.

Heck, go old-school and call them: 949-859-6549.

Finally, Dr. Richard Guthrie at Garden Plaza Dental Care has an entire patient education page with further information and articles on products, general tooth and oral health care, managing pain, kids’ section and a glossary.

The services list lasts longer than our teeth, and you can request an appointment.

He’s on La Paz.


Pretty cool, n’est-ce pas?

I mean, talk about no-pain dentistry—if only we didn’t have to actually go in for the services … if only we could cavities filled … online.

Someday, toothsome Patch readers. Someday.


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