Tips for Driving in Rain, Plus Sandbags

Find out where to get free sandbags in Mission Viejo, and pick up some tips for wet weather driving.

Drizzly weather is drenching Mission Viejo Tuesday, and the rainfall is expected to continue into tomorrow and maybe into Thursday.

Here are some tips on driving in the rain, courtesy of AAA. After the tips, find out where you can go for free sandbags.

  1. Make sure your windows are clean--both inside and out. Residue on windows can make foggy windows worse.

  2. Always make sure your headlights, tail lights and brake lights are working. These are especially important when visibility is low on the road, like when it rains.

  3. Turn on your headlights when it rains. It's the law.

  4. If the rain is so heavy you can't see other cars or the edge of the road, pull over and wait it out. If you can, find a rest area or other protected spot. If you have to stop on the road, pull over as far as possible. Leave on your headlights and flip on your emergency flashers.

Tomorrow the City of Mission Viejo will begin providing free sandbags to residents through April. You can pick up your sand bags

  • , 23650 Via Linda
  • , 28095 Hillcrest
  • , 200 Civic Center
  • Florence Joyner Olympiad Park, 22760 Olympiad Road
  • , 24960 Felipe Road
  • , 24932 Veterans Way
  • , 22056 Olympiad Road


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