Young Entrepreneurs Spread Unconditional Love Through Bracelets

The young Thomas sisters are sending a message to girls and women through their own business.

Meet Kate and Julia Thomas, two of Mission Viejo’s youngest entrepreneurs. Together with their mother, Jan, Kate and Julia sell affirmation bracelets through their company Loved Unconditionally.

At 12 and 8, the girls are keenly aware of the pressures that society puts on todays young girls and women. Girls wonder if I they're thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, athletic enough and so on.

These sisters decided all girls should know they are enough now,  not if and when.

The girls wanted to find a way for mothers, daughters and friends to affirm each other. So they came up with five messages on the bracelets that they designed: I Am Enough, Unconditionally Loved, Blessed, Treasured and Warrior.

What makes the business successful for the Thomas sisters is the positive feedback they receive.

“When we read an e-mail about who is getting a bracelet, why someone is receiving an I Am Enough bracelet, how the person reacted to the affirmation, etc., it is motivating to keep on going," Jan said. "That’s considered success!”

The two sisters were recently featured on KTLA’s Young Icons, and their bracelets were featured on the Today show in 2010.

The bracelets can be purchased at Mission Viejo’s Divine Treasures and online.


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