Particle Physics Demonstrated Through Dance at Saddleback

Who says particle physics is boring?

Saddleback College's dance, theatre, visual arts and physics programs are all joining up to create "Entangled States," a dance performance that attempts to demonstrate some of the odd characteristics of physics at the subatomic level.

The roughly one-hour show will be performed on Wednesday, Feb. 5 and Thursday, Feb. 6 at 7:30 p.m. inside McKinney Theatre.

Before the show, Professor Todd Brei will present a basic introduction to quantum physics.

"We should give credit to the artists, because they have a gift for magnifying all that is mysterious," Brei said. "The work of the artist is to speak to us through our senses. Likewise give credit to the scientists, because they have learned the language to expose the laws behind the mysteries."

The show itself features 23 contemporary dancers led by choreographer Deidre Cavazzi.

"I love collaborating with other faculty members across campus, and finding ways to integrate the arts into other academic disciplines." Cavazzi said. "The dancers get excited and want to learn more about physics. The students have been sharing web articles and bringing books in, and when we start a new section of choreography, I talk first about the physics behind it."

The Intermediate Photography class will be exhibiting their work designed around the themes of light, time and movement before and after performances outside the theater lobby.

Tickets are $10/students and seniors, $7/students with ASB cards and free for faculty. Call (949) 582-4656 Wed-Sat, noon to 4 p.m.) or visit saddleback.edu/arts for tickets. Free parking is available in lots 10 and 12.


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