Antonucci's Restaurant: Family Fun, Italian Style

Antonucci's Restaurant located at 24190 Alicia Parkway in Mission Viejo, is a place to wine and dine. The food is Italian, the atmosphere is friendly and intimate.

Co-owners Bob and Michelle Canori have a good thing going with Antonucci's. Guests are welcomed by a friendly staff if not Mr. Canori himself. Mrs. Canori leads the kitchen, making sure the dishes are prepared with with care and love.

Check out our photo slide show to the right.

Don't expect to be in a rush when you come here. Have a seat at the bar and enjoy some vino with friends, or some delicious garlic bread, while your food is cooked to perfection. If time is not on your side, Antonucci's also has a pickup window for those that are on the go.

Mr. and Mrs. Canori have put a lot of effort into what they do, and it shows. Guests are on a first-name basis--that's how often they come back. Before you get to enjoy your delicious meal, Mr. Canori comes by the table telling guests to do just that; ENJOY!

Be sure to mozzy on by and celebrate Antonucci's 35th anniversary.


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