Cheapest and Costliest Gas Prices in Mission Viejo

Oil prices are dropping, and so are prices at the pump.

Amid news that oil prices are falling, the average price of a gallon of gas in Orange County has dipped to $4.60 today.

Where can you find the lowest gas prices in Mission Viejo? Check out our chart below. Also included are a couple of the highest-cost places to fuel up.

The gas average spiked at the beginning of the month from about $4.10/gallon to about $4.70/gallon on Oct. 7, according to GasBuddy.com. That was the highest average in at least eight years.

Recent barrels of oil were selling for less than $90. That could be because international demand for oil is less than expected, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Here are the cheapest and costliest places to pump gas in Mission Viejo, according to GasBuddy:

Store Address Cost of regular/gallon 76 26411 Crown Valley Pkwy & Puerta Real $4.53 ARCO 27682 Crown Valley Pkwy & Kaleidoscope $4.53 Mobil 23002 Alicia Pkwy & Olympiad Rd $4.53 76 26282 Oso Pkwy & I-5 $4.75 Chevron 26302 Oso Pkwy & I-5 $4.75


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