Derby Deli Piano Bar Plays its Last Tune Saturday

The 1930s-themed lounge is closing its doors for the last time this weekend.

The Derby Deli is closing its doors for good Saturday night. Credit Peter Schelden
The Derby Deli is closing its doors for good Saturday night. Credit Peter Schelden
On Saturday, Jan. 18, Mission Viejo will lose its dueling piano bar.

The Derby Deli at the Kaleidoscope is closing its doors after four years of business.

Owner Dan Lauriano wanted to create a 1930s-themed night spot, complete with a back-room speakeasy with gambling games (played using free chips, not cash). He said he wanted to breathe new life into the struggling center, and in the process bolster his other restaurant, Riptide Sushi.

Lauriano did not return a Thursday afternoon message for comments. He left a goodbye note on Facebook last week that has since been deleted.

The 6,332-square-foot restaurant and bar was known for its theme nights, like Wagon Wheel Wednesday and a dueling piano show every Friday and Saturday night.

Losing the restaurant will be a blow to the center, Councilman Dave Leckness said.

"No business owner wants to hear about another business going out of business," he said, adding that the Kaleidoscope Center has had trouble generating foot traffic.

What's your memory of the Derby Deli?  Leave it in the comments below.
Eileen G. January 17, 2014 at 01:17 PM
I took my family there about 2 months ago. When we walked in there were two people at the bar, two waitress eating one that was back and forth between the back and the bar. It took her 10 minutes to realize we were there. I had eaten there before and thoroughly enjoyed the pastrami sandwich. This time the food was awful. I ended up only eating half the sandwich. It was like they went to a cheaper meat supplier. We left thinking that this place was not going to be there much longer. I was going to place a Yelp review but all the reviews on Yelp pretty much said what I would have said. Sad to see it go (sad to see any business close) but, if you are a restaurant and you don't have good food nothing else matters.
Cari Cohn-Morros January 19, 2014 at 09:42 AM
I agree with Eileen - we went there around 5pm one night over a year ago and saw similar "service" ( or lack thereof). Once we finally ordered we learned they were out of corned beef! What "deli" is out of corned beef at 5pm? Oh, I suppose one that doesn't care about their food or dining customers. We left and never returned. This place was not a restaurant but primarily a bar. Too bad they had a tough time marketing it. I'm sorry to see any business close, but this one was doomed. Let's hope some business with excellent management, service and product moves into that location.


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