Q&A: Cheeseburger Donut? Devilicious Startles Some, Pleases Others

It took an airline pilot to come up with these out-of-this-world doughnut creations. Patch interviews Devilicious Donuts owner Omar Amin.

Devilicious Donuts is a unique treat shop that sells donuts topped and stuffed with unusual flavors like roast beef, bacon, cookies and hamburger beef patties. Specialty donuts also include the red velvet, smore, and Cuban sandwich donut—more on those later.

But owner Omar Amin says he's an old-fashioned guy who loves old-fashioned donuts, too. So how did he come up with such a wild business concept?

Here's a recent interview with Amin.

Patch: So you’re a new shop in Mission Viejo. How are you liking it here?

Omar Amin: Everyone from the community, from the business sector to the private sector, to the people of Mission Viejo, all have been so welcoming. This is my first business, and it has definitely had its stress for me, but having the Mission Viejo community behind me, supporting me, means a lot. Everyone has been very supportive and so nice. I definitely feel like I’m not alone, and have a community behind me, willing to help and support with anything.

Patch: How did you come up with such an innovative idea for a donut shop?

Amin: There is nothing like this here in Orange County. I fly a commercial airplane—I’m a pilot—and I’ve visited cities throughout the country and would occasionally run into some pretty cool donut shops. They’d only have one or two really cool donuts though, like a blueberry donut or some special donut about the store. So then I thought it’d be a really cool idea to combine all of them in one store, to make one really cool donut shop.

Patch: What made you choose a doughnut shop?

Amin: There was the frozen yogurt craze and the cupcake craze, and I wanted to do something that no one else has done. Doughnuts have been around for a long time, but no one makes doughnuts like we do at Devilicious Donuts. I thought it’d be something fun and new for the area and everyone loves donuts, so I thought, "Why not give it a try?"

Patch: What is your most popular donut?

Amin: The most popular donut is the . It’s a bar topped with maple and really thick slices of hickory-smoked bacon. It is a good donut! It sells out every day!

Patch: Do you have a personal favorite donut?

Amin: I love bacon and I love maple, so the maple bacon is one of my favorites. But, I’m an old fashioned guy, so I love old fashioned donuts! I wanted to make sure to carry some of the old fashioned and traditional donuts too, like glazed donuts, or chocolate donuts, simply because I love those donuts and I know there would be people out there that would just want a simple donut sometimes, too. So aside from the maple bacon bar, my favorite is the old fashioned donut.

Patch: Do you sell things other than donuts at Devilicious Donuts?

Amin: Yeah! We have smoothies, ice cream donuts (donut cut in half with a big scoop of ice cream in the middle), chocolate covered bacon, much more than donuts. We are now introducing the cheese burger donut, which is an all-beef quarter-pound patty with a glazed donut bun. It comes with a slice of cheese, and we even have a few optional toppings like avocado and jalapeno!

Patch: What do you consider your most creative, fun, and “out there” donut?

Amin: That would have to be the smore donut! Everything from the shape of the donut, to its size, to the way we make it is “out there” and unique. First we take a triangle-shaped donut and go extra-large size on it—it’s a really big donut. Then we top it with a vanilla icing, on top of the vanilla icing we use crushed graham cracker, and then spread mini marshmallows all over the top of it. We then roast the marshmallows with a blow torch in the donut shop. Lastly, to top it off, we drizzle it with Swiss chocolate. It is really good!

Patch: We’ve heard a lot about your “Cuban Donut.” Can you tell us more?

I traveled to Costa Rica on vacation a little while back and while I was there I fell in love with the Cuban sandwich. So I thought, "Why not make it into a donut?" It's roast beef with cheese and thousand-island dressing on a glazed donut—it tastes really good, all that stuff melted together in your mouth is pretty amazing!

Devilicious is now open and located at 28601 Marguerite Parkway, right next to Saddleback College. For a full menu of Devilicious Donuts’ treats visit their shop or their website.

Teri Hansen September 07, 2012 at 03:48 AM
Wanted to try this place because I love donuts and have a major sweet tooth, but was incredibly disappointed. I got 2 donuts....the blueberry and the red velvet. Both were too small to justify paying $5.00 and they were so-so at best. It was a huge waste of money and calories. Nothing spectacular about the taste at all. This place won't last long at these sky high prices. I'll go to Krispy Kreme instead.


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