Disneyland Discounts and Deals Fall Victim to Park's Success

The park hopper, the 2 for 1 tickets and Southern Californian discounts at Disneyland are a thing of the past.

Disneyland and California Adventure have quietly stopped offering deep discounts to Southern California residents, it was reported today.

The runaway popularity of the new Cars Land attraction and other improvements at California Adventure have swollen attendance at both parks. And that's rewarding the Walt Disney Company's recent $1 billion investment there, the Orange County Register reported.

Discounts for residents of zip codes south of the Tehachapi Mountains are a thing of the past this year. Promotions like 2-for-1 tickets and deeply- discounted park "hopper" tickets are no longer offered, the newspaper reported.

The company's spokeswoman told the Register that Disney officials "regularly evaluate our offerings in the local market and make decisions based on our business needs."

A one-day adult ticket for both parks now costs $125 for Californians and tourists alike, although kids down to age three get a $6 break.

On the web and at the parks, Disney offers guests the opportunity to "get special vacation financing" by applying for a Disney credit card.

- City News Service

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The Lone Wolf February 20, 2013 at 02:33 PM
Go to a National Park and enjoy the outdoors.....do you really need Disneyland? Death Valley or Joshua Tree Park Pass is less than $20 a day (less than D-land parking) for your entire family. Use your own imagination. I don't blame Disneyland, I blame the idiots paying these ridiculous prices to be entertained in a crowded place.
tiny February 20, 2013 at 03:50 PM
Good idea on the advertising. Hey, check out this measure of inflation: Bill Gross in an article titled "Credit Supernova" said each additonal dollar of credit seems to create less and less heat. In the 1980s it took 4 dollars of credit to generate $1 of real GDP. Now it takes 20 dollars of credit to generate $1 of real GDP. But this only takes U.S. govt, corporate, and household debt, not "shadow debt", as he calls it. But "shadow debt", which includes derivatives, is growing 10 times more rapidly than the above figures. And in 1985 it took 10 dollars of global financial aggregates for the $1 in GDP. Today it is at 500 dollars of global financial aggregates for every $1 in GDP growth. Progressively higher and higher, to infinity.
KinCali February 20, 2013 at 04:49 PM
Personally, I feel bad for the tourists. They spend thousands to bring their familes to Disneyland for that once in a lifetime trip. Yet, because of all the "locals", they are lucky to get on a couple of rides in the course of a day. I can understand being upset about the rate hike but I think where Disney messed up was allowing people to use a monthly payment plan to purchase an annual pass. Before that plan, the park wasn't nearly as crowded. Now everyone and their mother can afford an annual pass (it's a lot easier to pay 150 a month than to pay close to 2000 in a lump sum). Maybe the rate hike will get a few less people to purchase the annual pass (a good chunk of which don't spend much, if any, money in the park because they bring their own food and beverages). However, I think Disney would be smart to stop with the monthly payment option to help weed out some of the pass holders and get the true tourists back to the park. I know if it were me and I spend thousands to visit Disneyland and had to face the crowds they have, I would be very upset.
Frieda Wales February 20, 2013 at 07:52 PM
They are cleaning out the local "riff raff".
Mark Marciniak April 15, 2013 at 06:51 PM
Disney is no longer the attraction Walt envisioned. Just like Sam's Walton's Walmart is gone.


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