Mission Viejo's Richest, Poorest Neighborhoods

What are the annual median household incomes in different parts of town?

Do you feel wealthy? According to the new data-based website, Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, Mission Viejo's neighborhoods are wealthier than surrounding communities.

But that doesn't mean every neighborhood in town is the same.

The site uses U.S. census information compiled from the 2007-2011 American Community Survey to show median household income and monthly rents by census tract.

Residents living northeast of Lake Mission Viejo make more on average than those situated right on the lake. If you live north of Alicia Parkway and east of Olympiad, your neighborhood earns an average $152,000. Those living right on the lake make $100,000 on average.

The neighborhood that includes Casta Del Sol south of Alicia and north of Jeronimo earns $53,400 on average, making it one of the city's poorest neighborhoods based on income.

Income averages drop south of Crown Valley Parkway, too. That neighborhood, which includes Saddleback College, earns an average income of $57,000.

Are you surprised by any of the local data? Tell us in the comments section.

Kristine Coughlin April 02, 2013 at 12:40 AM
We are looking to buy a condo in about 1-2 years in the Saddleback region but our problem is that we live in WI and there is a drastic cost difference in real estate. We would like something reasonable (which for us would be $250 - $275 K) but in a decent area. Where should we look at that point? By the way, we are doing this to be near our kids & grandkids or we would never do it!
Peter Schelden April 02, 2013 at 03:23 AM
That sounds like a difficult price point to reach in South County, Kristine. You might want to talk to our resident real estate blogger, Leslie Eskildsen: www.leslieeskildsen.com/


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