Video: Outsourcing Bookkeeping can Save Time, Money and Grief

Business and personal bookkeeping--It's a dirty job, but SOMEONE has to do it. Enter Christine De La Torre of Christine's Bookkeeping in Mission Viejo.

Christine De La Torre, owner of Christine’s Bookkeeping, specializes in small business and personal bookkeeping. Why? She actually enjoys it. I'm shaking my head in disbelief, since I glaze over when it comes to bookkeeping. Just ask Mr. Riley, my high school bookkeeping teacher.

As a child, De La Torre was organized. She enjoyed sorting and storing like things together, and had a knack for numbers. Her father had a four-foot-tall glass bottle full of loose change, and De La Torre loved to pour the change out, sort and count it, put the change back in the jar, and do it again on another day.

She is married to Luis, an apparel designer and graphic artist with a website: ArtofRebellion.com. They have several children, all of whom are furry and have four legs.

After she spent years employed as a bookkeeper, Luis suggested she start her own bookkeeping business. In 2004, that’s exactly what she did.

Her rate is $50 per hour, prorated by what actual time is used. Christine also offers new customers a 15 percent discount off the first invoice.

She services all business clients remotely. That means the software on her computer is able to access her clients’ accounting software on their computer. This is the same method used by online computer repair companies to remotely access a customer’s computer anywhere in the world to analyze a problem and repair it.

Christine also has a growing number of people employing her to handle their personal bill payments, deposits, statement reconciliation, and manage records. Many of her clients lead very busy lives, or are off traveling.

Other clients have attention deficit syndrome, or are seniors who find it a little more challenging to keep up with it all, or they just enjoy the convenience of having bookkeeping done for them.

Christine is one of the fortunate ones. Her small company has actually thrived in recent years by providing small business with an essential function of their operation, saving them money by avoiding the expenses associated with hiring an employee to do the same job.

Through word-of-mouth, her personal client base has grown. A sign of the times, a number of them are going through filing for bankruptcies or divorce. They need help going through receipts, statements and other records so Christine can provide them with financial reports required by their attorney and the court.

Everyday, Christine has the same enjoyment with her bookkeeping service that her old glass jar used to provide. We should all be so lucky.

(949) 459-7370

Cell Phone:
(949) 636-1548



Mailing address:
28715 Los Alisos Blvd. #7-302, Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Susanne Bruen December 10, 2011 at 05:57 AM
It's a shame it has to get to the point where the clients are in desperate need of help before they seek the services of a professional. The word needs to get out there that Professional bookkeepers can add to their business and they may not find themselves in such circumstances if only they sought the help earlier.


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