Small Business Saturday Urges Local Shopping on Nov. 24

American Express started the day two years ago to support local merchants.

Small Business Saturday is on Nov. 24 this year, two days after Thanksgiving. It is a day for everyone to support the small businesses their community thrives on.

American Express founded the day in 2010 to help small businesses get exposure during the holiday season, when they might be otherwise overlooked. With retailers buzzing around the holidays, it is important to support local small businesses that rely on their neighbors in order to continue prospering and building the local economy in.

Last year, 100 million people nationwide participated in Small Business Saturday by shopping at locally owned stores to help boost the economy and their communities.

To find local merchants in your area, click here.

You can also “like” Small Business Saturday on Facebook by visiting www.facebook.com/shopsmall.

Everyone has locally owned businesses in their community, and shopping on Small Business Saturday is the perfect way to give back to the businesses you know and love in your community.

TELL US: What small businesses do you patronize in your town and what makes them great? Share in the comments below. 

Charles November 13, 2012 at 09:08 PM
Consumers encourage small businesses to support them by providing competitive prices, providing variety and convenience and establishing liberal return policies to match the large businesses, online businesses, and wholesalers. If small businesses can provide all these, then consumers will consider patronizing small businesses. Otherwise it is more economical (economy of scale), more convenient (one stop shopping), and less risky (no questions asked return policies) to patronize big business and wholesalers and especially online businesses.
M November 14, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Customer services in these smaller stores leaves a lot to be desired. Retail employees don't care, don't greet you when you come in, don't get off the phone when they're cashing you out. A dime a dozen, I just take my business to someone who cares.
MFriedrich November 14, 2012 at 06:37 PM
What makes businesses great? Low prices, great value and outstanding customer service. As a consumer I will go where ever I have to go to find these attributes. If these are found at a local small business, then fine. If not, then too bad for them. These are the competitive, free-market waters you swim in as a small business. Local businesses are not entitled to my patronage. They must attract and earn it. Be competitive. No hard feelings. It's just business.
Shripathi Kamath November 14, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Oggi's for the delicious Yankee Stadium Pizza and beer Mission Tennis for the hassle-free stringing services, and sometimes the cheapest prices on tennis products even compared to online discount shops. Nirvana Grille for their excellent food, and great choices especially for vegetarians. Hand and Stone Spa for their affordable rates for great massages Surfin' Donuts for quick and friendly service. Nice place for breakfast on the run. And donuts. Ranch Market at Marguerite and Trabuco. Often cheaper than supermarkets even if you cannot shop for all your produce. Plus you get some choice on hummus, Meditarranean and other "Euro" foods. Pool shop next to that for supplies that you probably pay more than you get online, but it is convenient for the three times a a year you buy bleach and other necessary toxic substances for your spa.


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