What's It Cost to Be Beautiful in Mission Viejo?

It hurts to be beautiful, and it can be costly. Then again, it's worth it.

The going rate for being beautiful inside is infinite. The rate for the outer shell is not much less, but as the Rater’s wife notes, “It hurts to be beautiful.”

First up are the two Happy Nails. Website says the company has 60 locations, so nearly 3 percent of the total are in Mission Viejo.

They are here:

  • Mission Viejo Gateway Center, 949-829-0888
  • Olympiad Plaza 949-770-2878

Use the locator for more information.

One cool item: an extensive printable list of services with current prices. Think of it as “no-haggle pricing” for your toes.

It offers the manicure and pedicure—mani-pedi, to insiders—plus nail art, skin care, hair removal. It scares us a bit not to see the word laser in front of hair removal … it means waxing is an option.

But remember the mantra, people: It hurts to be beautiful.

Meanwhile, the “wounds of a friend” have been available at Bel Ami Salon—the name means beautiful friend—for 13 years in Mission Viejo. It's open all the good days, with rest on Sunday: 9-7 Monday through Friday, and 9-6 Saturday.

Go for cuts, styles, coloring, perms … and waxing.

Again with the waxing …

The website offers two haircut specials, and it’s kinda cool that its map isn’t Google, but WalkScore.

These three salons in town each have one positive and one negative on Yelp:

Find the first at 27001 La Paz Rd., No. 190, or call 949-458-6129.

Find the second in the La Paz Center on Marguerite, or call 949-768-7954.

Find the third also on La Paz, next to , or call 949-597-9179.


Check our directory for more on all these folks, and others in the city.

There are at least two beauty supply stores in the city:

Check for services and consultations: professional products at personal prices.

The Rater confesses to getting a manicure several times, and even a pedicure once. He used to travel more for business, and it seemed a good thing to do, a presentable thing to do, a professional thing to do.

He coupled it with a professional shine at the airport or convention center, having heard that when people meet you, they think, If he takes such good care of his nails and shoes, he probably monitors the tougher stuff, too.

His wife agrees.


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