After 27 Years, Night Stalker Victim 27 Battles On

The Orange County Register chronicles the story of a Mission Viejo man, whose life was forever changed with a brutal attack by the serial killer.

Twenty-five years after the Night Stalker serial killer shot him in the head and raped his fiancé as they lay in bed in their Mission Viejo home, Billy Carns remains forever changed.

The Orange County Register today, chronicled the life of Carns, who survived but suffered permanent handicaps and brain damage.

According to the Register, “On Aug. 25, 1985, Billy was asleep in his Mission Viejo home when Ramirez climbed through an open window, shot Carns with a. 25-caliber handgun and raped his girlfriend – part of a statewide crime rampage that still conjures terror in the minds of many California residents who lived through it.”

The newspaper covers the promise that Carns’ life held prior to the attack and introduces his 85-year-old mother and family members, who take care of him now, grateful he survived despite the long road to recovery and unpleasant changes to his personality caused by the bullet wound.

Click here for the full Orange County Register story.


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