Anger Management: Blowing their Lids in 2012

2012 in review: A UFC fighter charged as a church vandal, while another man leaves obscene phone messages for the FBI.

We all get angry sometimes. But some of us take it a little too far.

Here are some eyebrow-raising instances of anger reported on Mission Viejo Patch in 2012.

Nude UFC Fighter Charged as Church Vandal

After being arrested naked inside a Mission Viejo church in August, Former UFC fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller eventually had charges dropped for vandalism.

Embarrassing FBI Phone Messages Land MV Man in Jail

In July, Mission Viejo resident Thomas Troy Bitter reportedly called several FBI officials and left obscene, violence-laden messages for them. And just so they knew who he was, he also reportedly left his birth date, full name and social security number.


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