Judge Orders OC Birther to Prove She Didn't Lie

Orly Taitz risks discipline if she can't back up a claim she made in federal court.

Orly Taitz has 11 days to prove she didn't lie to a federal judge.

Taitz, who received her legal degree from an online Santa Ana college, has filed at least eight failed lawsuits attempting to stop President Barack Obama from serving as president based on his citizenship.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford ordered Taitz to prove by Feb. 4 that she didn't lie to him during court proceedings in a libel lawsuit filed against her in Orange County.

On Oct. 22, the judge ordered Taitz and other parties in the case to report "any actions taken on pending ethical, disciplinary or related matters."

Taitz reported a minor sanction, but said it involved discovery, the process before a trial in which feuding legal parties must disclose certain information to one another.

Judge Guilford said he was presented with evidence that Taitz's sanction "involved far more than discovery."

Taitz must now prove this is untrue or risk further court action.

After a "flurry of papers" filed by the parties in the case, the question left to answer is "whether Taitz lied to the Court," Guilford wrote.

Taitz is being sued for invasion of privacy of Lisa Liberi, who claims her Social Security number and personal data were spread by Taitz "via email in mass mailings, media groups, internationally and to 1000's of undisclosed recipients."


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