Drop in Gas Prices Continues

The average cost of a gallon of gas at its lowest amount since Christmas Eve last year.

The average price of a gallon of self-serve, regular gasoline in Orange County decreased six-tenths of a cent Monday to $3.551, one day after a 75-day streak of dropping prices ended when it rose two-tenths of a cent, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service.

The average price is at its lowest amount since Dec. 24, 2011. It is four cents less than one week ago, 21.7 cents lower than one month ago and one cent more than one year ago.

In Los Angeles County, the price of a gallon of gas rose Monday for the first time since Oct. 9, increasing one-tenth of a cent to $3.589.

The increase ends a 26-day streak of dropping prices and a stretch of 74 decreases in 75 days, during which the price dropped $1.117 to its lowest amount since Dec. 27, 2011.

The only day the price failed to decrease during the 75-day stretch was Nov. 27 when it was unchanged.

The average price is 3.9 cents less than one week ago and 22 cents lower than one month ago, but 2.3 cents more than one year ago.

-City News Service

Matt Gaffney December 24, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Standby, they'll be sticking it to us at the pump soon enough. I think Costco was 3.45 for regular on Saturday. Gee what a bargain.
Lil-Marty December 24, 2012 at 09:40 PM
I'm glad my Rascal runs on batteries! Lil Marty Leisure World
Shripathi Kamath December 24, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Somebody needs to remind Obama that he won the election on Nov 6, and he should be raising the oil prices like the rightwingnuts were saying he'd, after he won. Who better to do it than the 11-6 victims? Maybe they can now blame him for low prices being a sign that demand is low and manufacturing is stalling. You know crashing the economy thing? Or they can come to their senses and realize that, well, oil prices are not exactly controlled by the President: http://bit.ly/OJu9Qz and instead ask for his birth certificate. Yes, it covers the "BUT LIBRULS SAID BUSH..." non sequitur
Yeparoo December 25, 2012 at 03:00 AM
Gas was about a dollar higher in CA compared to many areas of the country 75 days ago. It was a full dollar lower in the midwest at non-costco gas stations when i was out there in early November. I would think CA is tracking more or less with national fluctuations now. The gas price drop in OC are a Summer-to-Winter fuel blend mandate story that is unique to CA. Just a state incompetency issue. No Obama-Bush fairy tales today Shri.
Shripathi Kamath December 25, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Or ever. Reality has been hard enough on 11-6 victims. Which is why I present supporting evidence. But it is not for everyone. However, it will be a reminder to those who will jump again the next time prices go up. Say, the DJIA has recovered since 11-6 after the market punished the nation. Give it a week, and the victims can rejoice since it will tank
Shripathi Kamath December 25, 2012 at 05:13 AM
I forgot, here is the ave gas price over the last three months, the state seems to have cloned itself http://www.GasBuddy.com/gb_retail_price_chart.aspx?city1=USA Average&city2=&city3=&crude=n&tme=3&units=us


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