Girl Scouts, Rocks through Trains and Fibs About Fires

2012 in review: a driver knocked a trash can into a girl scout, someone smashed the window of a Metrolink train and a police story about a fire rescue gets closer scrutiny.

Sometimes crazy things happen in this very safe city. Mission Viejo is a big place, and things are bound to go wrong here some of the time. Here are some cases where the wrong thing happened at the wrong time.

Blotter: Car Knocks Trash Can into Girl Scout Selling Cookies

An 8-year-old girl scout was hit by a car when a woman hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes outside Ralphs at Alicia and Trabuco, the city announced in March.

A Metrolink engineer stopped his train near Bart Spendlove Park in Mission Viejo after someone threw a rock and sent broken glass flying, officials said.

The engineer, who had glass in his face and eyes, was taken to a medical facility in Laguna Niguel but the injuries were not believed to be life threatening, said Metrolink spokesman Scott Johnson. 

Did Deputies Fib About Fire Heroics?

Two deputies were praised as heroes for extinguishing a house fire on Via Burgos. But two weeks later, information from firefighters and a next-door neighbor suggest police exaggerated their role in the blaze.


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