Killer Bees and Zombees

2012 in review: killer bees and zombie bees discussed in Mission Viejo.

Bee careful! Mission Viejo Patch was buzzing with curiosity over a new report on zombees.

That led a reader to ask about killer bees as well. If you find stories of exterminators fending off hoardes of bees entertaining, you need to read this.

Bee-ware! How to Spot Killer Bees in Mission Viejo

"Myself and my coworker got into the truck to kind of protect ourselves and slowly drive away, and the bees chased us into the truck and we could hear them attacking the truck as we drove up the street. That was an eye-opener for me." 

'Flight of the Living Dead?' ZomBees Threaten Bee Colonies

Just when you thought it was safe to reach for some honey... Scientists have reported honeybees engaging in some horrific behavior.


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