Larger than Life in Mission Viejo

2012 in review: It's the personalities that make a city a community.

Mission Viejo has some great people—about 95,000 of them according to the last census.

But some people stand out, with special talents that draw attention. Here are a few of them.

VIDEO: Crusading for History

Dennis Knapp is your average stay-at-home dad—.

Maggie Shipstead was born in Mission Hospital, attended De Portola Elementary and graduated from St. Margaret's in 2001. And as of last June, she's a novelist.

Local Author's Big Break with Bug Sculptor Tale

Imagine if you will, a hoarde of termites emerging from the woodwork to form a large elephant—wiggling ears and all.

Now imagine you had the power to summon these insects. Far-fetched? Absolutely. But that's no obstacle to success in the world of science fiction.


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