Political Costs: Taxes, Campaigns and Money in Mission Viejo

2012 in review: These three stories track down money and its influence on politics in Mission Viejo.

It's a complicated world. Money and politics always seem to be connected, one way or another.

Here are three stories involving money and politics from Mission Viejo in 2012.

How Much Candidates Earned (and Spent) in Mission Viejo

Wonder how much political hopefuls spent trying to win two city council seats in Mission Viejo? Want to know where that money came from and how it was spent?

This year candidates collectively spent over $70,000 to win your vote.

Orly Taitz: How She's Paying for Senate Bid

Most of Orly Taitz's campaign contributions came from her own wealth. She ran for U.S. Senate against Dianne Feinstein and lost. Find out how much she spent in the article linked above.

Their numbers shrank this year, but the convictions of the Mission Viejo tea party protesters did not.


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