Rabbit Hunting, Traffic Lights and Toll Roads

2012 in review: Seniors ask to shoot rabbits, readers sound off on the worst intersections in town and the mayor proposes "Toll Road Tuesdays."

Rabbit Hunting, Traffic Lights and Toll Roads. How do they go together? Beats me. But they were all a big part of Mission Viejo life in 2012.

Senior communities asked permission to hunt rabbit pests in May, readers told us what they thought were the worst intersections in town and the Mayor Frank Ury suggested a toll road discount on Tuesdays.

Wabbit Season? Seniors Ask to Shoot Rabbits

For the fourth time, Mission Viejo's largest retirement community sought city approval last May to shoot rabbits.

Taco Tuesday? Mayor Demands Toll Road Tuesday

Mayor Frank Ury wants to know if we get discount tacos every Tuesday, why not discount toll roads?

The mayor, who's running for re-election this year, said he's voted against the last two toll road increases and believes people would use the roads more if they got a break in price now and then.

Poll: What Street Needs Better Traffic Light Timing?

$459,000 county proposal in February helped relieve traffic congestion between Ladera Ranch and Dana Point. It affects 30 crossings over nine miles of road.

valentin Mendoza January 19, 2013 at 12:48 AM
I am a hunter I would like to hunt some rabbits at palmia senior community let me know if you want some rabbits removed 714-360-6061


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