Scams, Scams and More Scams in Mission Viejo

2012 in review: scammers sometimes get caught. When they do, you can read about it on Patch.

The typical con artist preys on weak, vulnerable members of our society. These three scammers are no exception to that rule.

Read below to find stories of scam artists who lived or worked in Mission Viejo punished for their crimes.

Builder Accused of Scamming Illegal Workers

A former Saddleback Valley Unified building contractor is accused of embezzling over $350,000 in taxpayer money from his illegal immigrant employees.

Reza Mohammedi, 57, Tustin, faces 48 years in prison.

Mission Viejo Man Convicted in Loan Mod Scam

Andrew Michael Phalen of Mission Viejo pleaded guilty last May to felonies related to several loan modification scams targeting distressed homeowners.

Phalen, 25, pleaded guilty to two felony conspiracy charges.

A man liable for $14 million obtained in a Ponzi-style investment scheme that took place in and around Mission Viejo was ordered in July to pay $41 million back to investors, but so far he has avoided criminal charges.

Shripathi Kamath January 06, 2013 at 03:37 AM
Then there are some scammers, er, True Patriots (TM) catching whom would be a crime, because it'll cut off entertainment: http://bit.ly/VGEzQo Please real patriots, give to her crusade. Give till it hurts. Then, give some more. If you have no more to give, take a second mortgage, a third job, and give. "It is better to give than to take" - Common Sense


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