RSM Man Left a Quadriplegic after Accident, Friend Mobilizes to Help

Tym Hale, who grew up in Mission Viejo, is in a bad spot.

Tym Hale. Photo courtesy of Tashia Petersman.
Tym Hale. Photo courtesy of Tashia Petersman.

A Rancho Santa Margarita man will likely never use his arms or legs again after a rollover accident a week ago; now a friend raising money for what’s expected to be a long recovery.

Originally from Mission Viejo, Tym Hale had just moved back to South Orange County from Santa Cruz – where he has two children– to take a construction job.

“Work was so scarce up there,” said longtime friend Tashia Peterman.

Hale was a passenger in a friend’s truck in Holy Jim Canyon off of Trabuco Creek Canyon Road when the vehicle rolled, Peterman said.

Orange County Fire Capt. Steve Concialdi confirmed the accident at about 10 p.m. May 12. One patient was trapped about two miles from pavement and needed extricating.

Peterman said the passenger side hit a boulder.

So far, he’s had one surgery, but needs more.

“During the first operation they found his spinal cord was heavily damaged between the C5 and C6 vertebrae and subsequently severed,” she said. “Also they need to another surgery in a few days after he wakes up from this coma as they need to stabilize other fractured vertebrae.”

Hale is like a son to Peterman, so she has mobilized to help him. He didn’t have health insurance, and hospital expenses are likely to be astronomical.

“We would like to raise money to help him with expenses other than what will be covered by medical,” she said. “Special therapy, special devices for quality of life. Any back child support he may owe, etc. Mostly things that will help him stay positive and have some hope that it will just be a different life not a sad existence.”

Peterman’s GoFundMe is here. As of publication time, she had raised nearly $2,400 of the $50,000 goal. 

S L S May 20, 2014 at 02:33 PM
DCP - If you read my comment, I did say I felt bad for him, but I am not fond of everyone having their hands out these days and maybe people shoudl take more responisble for their actions. But as long as there are suckers like you to give money..... This guy was obviously having a blast 4-wheeling in Holy Jim at 10PM and there was an accident. No mention of alcohol or drugs, but come on.... You can blast me all you want, but as a RESPONSIBLE adult with my own family to support, you wouldnt find me playing around in Holy Jim in the middle of the night.*****Additionally DCP - it CLEARLY stated that he "owed" back child support, not will owe it. "Any back child support he may owe, etc."****** Did the driver have any insurance? If so, then let him sue to collect (I am sure there are already some vultures - er attorneys already talking to him, if not, here is a good lead! - Your welcome.)****** And how much money is going for etc. ?
Tashia Peterman May 20, 2014 at 02:43 PM
No drugs or alcohol, Tym is a great guy and has made a difference in many peoples lives. He has a big heart and was really making some positive steps in life and had hoped to get full custody of his children. We were getting ready to make him a partner in the construction business. You're right SLS maybe they should have not been out there in the evening. They were on a dirt road and it went off the edge and it rolled, they weren't bouldering with it or anything like that from what I know. They were not doing drugs or drinking. Tym is not a drinker and does not do drugs and all of the toxic screens at the hospital confirmed that. It was an accident. Yes, medical will pay for the bulk of the medical expenses. There are a lot of other expenses, however that will not be covered including quality of life and accessibility to visit his children.
Tashia Peterman May 20, 2014 at 02:53 PM
It is very sad that I cannot print the comments section of the article for Tym's Mother. She has asked me to print the article to hang in his room to encourage him. It would of been great to have a bunch of happy comments included with it instead of the comments of a person who blasted every person on the patch that had a tragedy happen to them including wishing someone else by name had been the jumper off of the bridge. I am sad that someone has such an angry life.
S L S May 20, 2014 at 05:18 PM
StupiDCP - I am NOT flagging anything. Maybe the editor thinks your idiotic comments should be removed? Check with them who flagged.....


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