Flat Tax: A Battle Against Privateering

Unequal taxation and government intervention, it's as if leaders hired privateers to disrupt and bleed our society. There is a way to get out of this.

In an earlier blog we were talking about the flat tax. I promised to go deeper into the idea of a flat tax. I even suggested the title might be “Why there will never be a flat tax.”

Actually, I think all of us understand why there will not be a flat tax.

First, there is the power of the dollar. The U.S. Congress sets tax policies, so people who want favors make contributions to elected officials. Soon a law is passed favorable to the contributor's cause.

Second, Congress sets social policy by giving tax breaks to activities they deem to be in the country's best interest. Want people to buy more homes? Give tax credits for home ownership. If Congress desires to disarm the American public, they will tax gun ownership. Perhaps the most important reason there will never be a flat tax is the power the progressive tax scheme gives to elected officials.

The president and Congress just reached a deal on taxes. The new deal penalizes those who work and rewards those who are not working. How will this budget deal help the country? Dr. Art Laffer, noted economist, recently tried to reduce this issue to the basics with an example of two farmers. Farmer A and Farmer B are equal in earnings and opportunity. Farmer B goes on unemployment. Farmer A is now paying for Farmer B. You can stretch the numbers, but it always comes out; someone else is paying for the entitlements people collect. It doesn’t matter why a person is on government benefits, someone else must pay the bill.

You ask, doesn’t the government use their own money? The only money government has is taken from taxpayers. The government does not earn money.

This discussion is not about food stamps, social security, unemployment, disability or aid to dependent families. The question is one of freedom for people, from an unrestrained government. How do we know it is unrestrained? Some people pay more than 50% of their income in taxes while others don’t pay income taxes at all.

Our current progressive system disregards individuals in our system and places us into groups (classes) of people. Under the progressive system, it is assumed everyone is born to a certain class. It is the government’s job to even out the playing field so every person has an equal chance. This system supposes the government is the only qualified arbiter. Actually, the government and government bureaucrats/officials are the least able to achieve equal opportunity. The most a government can do is adjust the playing field to an equal level of misery. 

Flat taxes are fair. Flat taxes take the government bureaucrats out of your life. Flat taxes assure everybody a chance to have “skin in the game.”

What those who would divide us into classes and pit us against one another forget (or never knew) is that Americans are special. We do have Manifest Destiny. We are special, we do care about one another, and we are the most generous country in the world. We stop to pick one another up when there is a crisis. We don’t need the government to make our decisions; we are a great people whose best years are ahead of us.

Privateers were similar to pirates_ but were hired by governments to disrupt the opposing navy; it was outlawed in 1865. Nearly 150 years later, are we being disrupted by congressional privateers?

The flat tax will be the first step in taking this country away from the politicians and bureaucrats and returning it to the people who actually built it. The Left Wing in this country is wrong: taxpayers—not government—built this nation.

The current system benefits the super-rich, movie stars, professional athletes, politicians and special interest groups who claim to care for the rest of us. A flat tax benefits every American. The very poor may only pay 12% of a few thousand dollars, but they have the pride of knowing they count and they contribute. Pride, respect and participation matter. Because of who we are, class warfare will not survive here.

So the real question is why we allow Congress to continue to control our lives by giving them the power to unequally tax us? 

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Clifford F. Baker January 14, 2013 at 11:12 PM
Perhaps the Federal Government should be compelled by way of public mandate to start generating income by means other than taxation of its constituents. Once an income is obtained, the government should than lose a percentage of that income; an arbitrary tax payed to the people. It would be a pleasant diversion, in my estimation, to see how well those who inflict taxes on income enjoy the table being turned.
Josh Nowack January 15, 2013 at 07:33 AM
Hey John - I really appreciate what you're trying to drive at here, but the flat tax is incredibly elusive. If Congress scrapped the code and replaced it with a simple line - all Americans will pay a tax on income of 10%. Simple enough right? There would be no shortage of accountants and lawyers debating the point on what it means to be an American and what exactly do they mean by income. Besides profoundly impacting retirement savings, the housing market and charitable institutions as we know it, we still are left with truism that for wherever there is a tax, an accountant or lawyer will be there, looking for the loophole -- and I guarantee you -- I'll find one.
John Webb January 15, 2013 at 06:01 PM
Clifford you have a devious mind and should expand on this thought process. I seem to remember the Roman's did something like that.....they used conquest, but what the heck, there may be other ways.
JustUs January 15, 2013 at 06:08 PM
Maybe the government could get into the business of managing brothels and make money that way. Oh wait. I forgot. They already manage the State Capital in Sacramento and the Nation's Capital in Washington DC. And, still, that doesn't seem to be effective in interrupting the flush. So I too would like Clifford to expound on his idea.
Joker Joe April 26, 2013 at 06:01 PM
More taxes please..... In an exclusive interview with The Fiscal Times, John F. Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said that the Pentagon, aid agencies and the State Department must quickly evaluate these projects to determine whether the billions being spent in Afghanistan right now will yield the desired results or not. Many projects are simply not sustainable, he said – and continuing to spend on them results not just in a wasted fortune, but very real risks to nearly 90,000 American soldiers who are still there. “They have not thought about sustainability,” Sopko said, referring to the military, aid agencies and the State Department. “If you don’t think about that, you’re going to build a bridge and give it to the Afghans who can’t sustain it.” He added, “There’s pervasive corruption throughout the country.”


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