Cathy Schlicht Voice of the People

Cathy Schlicht Voice of the People

In SB Valley News 10/26 edition, Frank Ury and Wendy Buchnum refrained from saying how they would vote in the future regarding electronic billboards.

During a recent council meeting, Ury conveniently pushed the issue aside until after the election, stating, “We gave direction to the staff to work with residents, local businesses and our neighboring cities...” Since when do residents need or want city staff or neighboring cities making their decisions? Is not the council the voice of the people?  

Cathy Schlicht thinks so. She demonstrated leadership in proposing to keep the current sign ordinance, taking decisions away from city staff and developers. Ms. Schlicht suggested residents be allowed to voice their opinions via a public referendum.

Frank Ury and Wendy Buchnum are beholden to contributors who donated thousands in special interest money. Ury .  Schlicht declined any developer money, keeping her focus on resident’s wishes rather than repaying favors to donors.  

Ms. Schlicht adheres to Mission Viejo’s original plan supporting “…commercial signage strictly controlled by size, height and structure…”  The horrendous Monster Drink sign at Kaleidoscope exists because Mayor Ury has not insisted that code enforcement do their job.

Keep monsters away from Mission Viejo by reelecting Cathy Schlicht to City Council for strong leadership. Cathy is the voice of the people.

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Dan Avery November 06, 2012 at 12:31 AM
classy right up to the end. and on a family site no less.
julia tully November 06, 2012 at 06:47 AM
It doesn't take a vote. It takes leadership and Cathy Schlicht did say something about it but Frank Ury did not one thing about it. Also, the few contributers to Cathy's campaign were not developers who want favors in return. We have the truth on our side, Mr. Avery. Go Cathy!
Shripathi Kamath November 06, 2012 at 07:00 AM
AH, the vote. On her campaign site (http://www.cathy4council.com/mycampaignmailer.htm) Cathy proudly mentions three votes as the pinnacle of her first term: A 4-1 vote agenda item to remove healthcare for councilmembers A 5-0 vote to ban sex offenders from parks Another 5-0 vote to support Harkey on the opposition to high speed rail. How exactly does she stand out from the rest, if her best votes were basically supported by everyone else? Three votes, two in complete agreement with the rest of the council, and one basically opposed by just one. So why is she exceptional for doing what everyone else was doing anyway? Also, banning sex offenders from parks sound nice, but how exactly are we measuring its success? Are there stats that show a reduction in crime? What happens when and if it is ruled unconstitutional and the city has to pay money for lawsuits such as the ones filed against four other cities by an ex-offender who has long served his time? When this was asked of Ury, he said, yes, but it is what people wanted, so he is OK with the lawauit and costs. If Ms Schlicht has a different view than him, please, explain it. As to the high speed rail, does the state even care since MV has no say in the matter really? Doesn't leadership require something more challenging? Like the 5th vote on a 3-2 margin that pushes something bold? Or opposes something popular because it is good for the city?
Dan Avery November 06, 2012 at 07:01 AM
Yes, she said something about it, despite the warnings of the city attorney, and, now, the city is open to a lawsuit, in the slim chance that she wins tomorrow. You don't have truth on your side, you have ignorance, cowardice, and duplicity. Or the holy trinity of the morally corrupt. At least we agree on something: "Go, Cathy!" Commas are damn important to meaning. Aren't they, Julia? That was for you, kids, and I hope you enjoyed this handy lesson in "Dan's Pretty Good Use Of The English Language. Today's lesson is titled, "The Insufferable Importance Of Commas."
Shripathi Kamath November 06, 2012 at 07:01 AM
Julia, just ignore Dan. Please answer my sincere and politely phrased questions. Arguing with Dan (he is a bit of an elitist) will not help Cathy, but answering my sincere questions could help her be seen in a different light than silence.


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