Record High Temperatures and Electric Bills in Southern California

Over the last week, California experienced a heat wave along with record-high temperatures. The sweltering heat and humidity was felt throughout the state, with many areas experiencing triple-digit temperatures, including the Inland Empire, Orange County, and San Diego. The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for large parts of California. In Los Angeles County, health officials issued a heat alert, as temperatures in some areas were expected to exceed 20 degrees above normal temperatures. The extreme heat was not the only harsh impact felt by Southern California residents, but also on electricity bills throughout the state.

The need to run air conditioning means that electricity bills are on the rise. In addition to the increased demand for electricity in hot summer months, utility rates continue to rise, year after year. Southern California is home to the most expensive electricity rates in the continental United States.

Many utility ratepayers are cooling down by moving away from the utilities and toward alternative energy solutions. If you are currently paying more than $100 a month on your electric bill, then solar energy is a viable and cost-effective alternative compared to traditional energy generated by local utilities. Given the abundance of year-round sunlight in Southern California, switching to solar power makes a great deal of sense. Transitioning to solar is more than just a practical decision, but it is also a wise investment.

Recent studies have shown that solar power panels have led to increased property values. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, homes with solar power panels have increased property values of up to 17 percent and such homes sell at a rate that is 20 times faster than homes sold without solar panels. In addition to increased home values, another financial benefit of owning a solar system is the significant 30% Federal Tax Credit that customers receive, which is set to expire in 2016. In addition to the Federal incentive, there is also a state rebate of $0.20 per watt for Southern California Edison (SCE) ratepayers.

By transitioning to solar power with local firm, Sullivan Solar Power, a homeowner that currently has a monthly electric bill of $280 is now able to have a new monthly solar payment of $132 per month, with a Federal tax credit to the tune of $6,750. In today’s market, solar has become a cheaper alternative to the utility, making it the fastest growing industry in the state.

If you’re sick of dealing with your local utility’s high electricity rates, and worried about a lack of energy supply with San Onofre recently being decomissioned, then Sullivan Solar Power would like to help you in declaring energy independence!  Sullivan Solar Power encourages local community members to consider solar power and see if it’s right for your home or business. After all, why wouldn’t you want to save money? For a free, no obligation site evaluation, call 1-800-SULLIVAN or visit www.sullivansolarpower.com  


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