Terry Newman' Mission Viejo Band Played for Presidents

Longtime MV resident Terry Newman shares his memories on building up the music department in the early days of Mission Viejo High School.

Terry Newman has been a part of the Mission Viejo community since nearly the beginning.

Having moved to Mission Viejo in 1969, the following year Terry began work as Director of Instrumental Music at the newly opened Mission Viejo High School. Like the town itself, the school was only four years old then.

After building a top-notch school band program for seven years, Terry went on to join the Instrumental Music department at Saddleback College where he has conducted many orchestra and ensemble performances.

Though he has since moved to Dana Point, Terry is still at Saddleback; now in his thirty-forth year there. Currently, he instructs in lecture halls on the History of Rock Music.

Watch the video above as he describes the early days of Mission Viejo High School's up-and-coming band program as well as living in the young town.

If you have any stories to share about early Mission Viejo, we would love to have you be a part of our Spotlight series. Just send me an email at averdon@umail.ucsb.edu and we'll be in touch!


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