Northside Shack: A Community Oriented, Farm-to-Table Cafe

** Northside Shack Update ***

** Northside Shack Update ***

Hello Friends and Community,

I’ve been in communication with the City of Imperial Beach regarding regulations currently in place.  I have yet to hear from them with a sound solution.  As you are aware, we have been asked to take out a $2,000 Appealable Conditional Use Permit, an Appealable Coastal Commission Permit and repair the sidewalks in front of our proposed café site – totaling about $13,000.  To me, this doesn’t sound fair and isn’t a good business decision on my part.  We have decided to wait for possibly March when the new zoning laws take effect and in the meantime propose that the city make alterations to the sidewalk as previously represented in their master plan.  

Two options I have: 

  1. Take Northside Shack to another more welcoming and business savvy city; or
  2. Wait several months for the new zoning laws to take effect eliminating the    request for Conditional Use Permit and Coastal Commission Review Permit.   This, however, does not take care of the sidewalk issue.

I cannot do this alone and if the community of Imperial Beach wants to welcome a farm-to-table sustainably ran all natural café, the community is going to have to get involved.  If you would like to see Northside Shack café become a part of Imperial Beach, write or call the City Council and Mayor.  Together we can make this happen!!



City of Imperial Beach

City Council's Office

825 Imperial Beach Blvd.

Imperial Beach, CA 91932


Contact Mayor Jim Janney:

Office: (619) 423-8303

Fax: (619) 628-1395

E-Mail: JJanney@cityofib.org


Contact Councilmember Lorie Bragg:

Office: (619) 423-8303 

Fax: (619) 628-1395

E-Mail: loriebraggib@aol.com


Contact Councilmember Brian P. Bilbray:

Office: (619) 423-8303

Fax: (619) 628-1395

E-Mail: pbilbray@gmail.com


Contact Councilmember Edward J. Spriggs:

Office: (619) 423-8303

Fax: (619) 628-1395

E-Mail: ejspriggs@yahoo.com


Contact Councilmember Jim King:

(619) 423-8303

(619) 628-1395



Useful Links:




kickstarter.com video:  Northside Shack





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Pamela Olvera December 15, 2012 at 05:49 PM
The new hotel will have lots of traffic in that area, how do we plan on accommodating them if they left out the most important area for sidewalk improvements? Another obstacle is the appealable 2-3 month conditional use permit that requires a $2000 deposit and approval from the city counsel all because they want to re-designate one parking spot formally allocated to the garage. I will also need to hire an architect for this and pay for mailing letters to owners and residents within a 300-foot radius. The city of ib revised and passed a new set of zoning laws that were sent to the coastal commission for review and approval. This will eliminate the required additional parking and the use of the appealable conditional use permit. This is why I am waiting for the coastal commission to review and approve our revised coastal zoning plan. We should all get involved and contact the coastal commission and put heat on them to review and pass the zoning laws so that they may become in effect. From what I have been told they are far behind and have only a few people working on this due to state budget cuts.
Pamela Olvera December 15, 2012 at 05:52 PM
I wouldn't be opposed to it Libi. I think it may be a good idea that we can look into.
Jack Fisher December 17, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Pamela, please understand I would love to have a place that you describe open in Imperial Beach and I believe that your food and decore would be good. I assume that you have spoken to the other local eateries near the beach and have come up with how much money you would need to make each day to stay open and pay your bills. I know a bit about the restaurant business, having been in it for the last 25 years in all facets from large and small hotels to owner operated restaurants. I have my own small foodservice business and have thought of how to open a storefront in Imperial Beach, but I don't have the time or the money to try and change a city. We do need healthier choices fro eating here in IB. Do yo know about the changes in the cottage food laws that are in effect this January? Maybe get a booth at the farmers market and sell your best dishes and see what the reaction from the public is. More cost effective and it will help you get real world reviews and it will help get your name and product out there. This will help for future fundraising if it is needed. As far as the city goes, I attend most of the council meetings(to keep an eye on them) and want the city to help business instead of hinder them. Shame on the city for feeling that the law is more important than businesses that generate tax revenue
Pamela Olvera December 17, 2012 at 05:30 PM
Morning Mr. Fisher... Yes, I've looked into the new home-based kitchen baking laws and find them very tempting! Funny you mentioned the farmers market. I spoke to a rep and was told that Brian Beevers no longer manages the IB market and a few spots have become available. I met just yesterday with a gardner friend who ran a small booth at the farmers market in golden hills and was interested in joining me at the IB market and doing a farm-to-table weekly specials based on harvest and seasonable availability. Flatbreads, tacos, salads, etc... So that may very well become a reality. :) I'd like to meet you for coffee one day or pow wow with you on any future culinary events or ideas that may work for IB. I love your chocolates btw. And am familiar with your culinary talents - I pay attention to all of the SD chefs and in TJ and Baja and always read up on them or attend their events. In addition to being a chef I am a huge foodie ! Thanks for the advice and comments. :)


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