Man with BB Gun 'Freaks Out' Residents

Deputies descend on a Mission Viejo neighborhood amid fears of a gunman on the loose.

Mission Viejo residents got a scare Wednesday when a man from out of town entered a Pueblonuevo Drive yard around 11 a.m. carrying a BB gun.

Although Orange County sheriff's deputies quickly investigated and found the man wasn't a threat, the incident reflects a nation on edge in the aftermath of mass shootings like the Newtown, Conn., tragedy.

"What's this world coming to?" posted one Facebook user as law enforcement descended on the neighborhood in response to the call. "Adam goes out to ride his bike around our safe MV neighborhood and there are police and sheriff all around. Adam asks what's going on and they tell them there is somebody roaming our neighborhood with a gun and to go home and stay inside. Unbelievable! and Upsetting!"

Another Facebook user from Pueblonuevo -- a residential subdivision off Jeronimo Road and Marguerite Parkway -- expressed similar sentiments.

"Ok, scared to death," the user wrote. "There is some gunman in my fairly close neighbor's neighborhood and really creepy guy approached me and Jack on Sunday. The police told everyone to get inside. If anyone hears any news please run and post it here. Freaked out."

Mission Viejo deputies received the call at 10:56 a.m. Wednesday from the 27100 block of Pueblonuevo Drive in Mission Viejo, according to the dispatch log.

The following is recorded from the dispatcher's log (abbreviations spelled out):

"Subject with a rifle in the informant's back yard... Informant does not know who the subject is... Male, white, 18-years-old, glasses, black zippered coat."

Gail Krause, Orange County Sheriff's Department spokesman, said the man was a guest from another city, and deputies quickly determined he was not a threat.


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