Embarrassing FBI Phone Messages Land MV Man in Jail

A Mission Viejo man allegedly left obscene voice messages for the FBI.

Ever get so mad you wanted to call someone up and tell them exactly what you thought of them?

It's probably smartest to hang up before you do, but that advice must have slipped past Mission Viejo's Thomas Troy Bitter.

Bitter reportedly called several FBI officials and left obscene, violence-laden messages for them. And just so they knew who he was, he also reportedly left his birth date, full name and social security number.

When FBI agents came knocking, he allegedly told them he feared the FBI had arranged to have little girls block his path in the supermarket.

Soon after, Bitter found himself in jail.

You can read more here, but be warned that the link contains several explitives as it quotes Bitter's messages.

Shripathi Kamath July 10, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Hmm, the referenced article says "Oddly, Santa Ana Jail records show that Bitter, 32, has been set free from custody without any mention of the release in federal court files." and "A few weeks ago, a federal magistrate took the FBI's felony case against Bitter off calendar without explanation." Penny needs to get on this suspicious catch-and-release. Stat. "he feared the FBI had arranged to have little girls block his path in the supermarket" This loses a lot in the translation from the original report. Nice one, Peter! Still ROFL.
Dan Avery July 13, 2012 at 03:51 PM
I don't "fear" that the FBI has arranged to have little girls block my path in the supermarket. I "know" they have.


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