Fake Gun in Waistband Lands Man in Jail

A man in Mission Viejo was arrested for carrying an imitation Glock 23 disguised as the real thing

What would you do if you spotted someone carrying a handgun?

An employee at noticed a black handgun in the waistband of a customer Tuesday around 8 p.m., Police Sgt. Sandra Kirsch said.

The customer, Gulled Mohamed Omar, 21, left the store but stayed in the area. Deputies detained and searched him.

But what they found wasn't a real gun, Kirsch said. Instead Omar was carrying an imitation of a Glock 23 handgun concealed under his shirt.

The gun originally had color indicating it was fake, but someone had scraped it off, Kirsch said.

Omar was arrested and taken to jail for altering an imitation handgun, a misdemeanor, the sergeant said.

Oliver Yu May 04, 2012 at 08:04 PM
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