Flower Pot Smashed at Democratic Headquarters

An angry political opponent caused a stir inside the Mission Viejo headquarters of the Democratic Party.

With tempers high as the presidential election nears, one man made a threat to campaigners at the Mission Viejo Democratic Party headquarters.

A heavyset 65-year-old man with white hair and a blue shirt "screamed" at a campaigner and broke a flower pot off her desk about noon Thursday, the woman told a police dispatcher.

Heated confrontations are common during a tense election campaign, said Suhkee Kang campaign manager Jonathan Barba, who spoke to the threatened campaigner.

"We get disgruntled people every now and then," he said. "It’s not unique. But this one was a little bit less than cordial. It was not a friendly encounter."

What was the man doing there?

"He saw the office, he saw the Obama poster, and that’s really—he felt he needed to share his thoughts," Barba said. "Unfortunately he did it in that way. We’re hoping that was just his one moment."

Though campaigners hope it was an isolated incident, the flower pot vandal said he would return.

Here's how many Democrats, Republicans and other voters live in Mission Viejo, According to the Orange County Registrar of Voters:

Party Number Percent of Total Republicans 29,889 48.7 percent Democrats 16,016 26.1 percent No Political Preference 12,768 20.8 percent Other 2,621 4.2 percent



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