Police: Gap Changing Room Hidden Camera Case 'Gone Cold'

A hidden camera discovered at the Mission Viejo mall didn't contain any images, say police.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA -- Orange County sheriff's investigators say there are no suspects after a hidden camera was found in a Mission Viejo Gap dressing room last month.

The camera had no photos, said sheriff's spokeswoman Gail Krause. In fact the case has "gone cold," she said.

The case is "still open, but not very active" because there are no leads left for investigators, she said.

An inch-and-a-half by two-inch camera had been attached to a black, wooden picture frame containing advertisements. It was then placed inside a unisex dressing room.

"It was concealed with black electrical tape to match the frame," sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said at the time.

The camera was discovered by a worker in August. It was sent to the crime lab, but no photos were found on it.

Patch called the Gap headquarters in San Francisco, but there was no response.

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