Almost Killed: Video of Cadillac Crashing Into Mission Viejo Bike Shop

An elderly woman plowed her red Cadillac through glass windows, displays and bottles of protein powder, leaving Rock 'n Road Cyclery in shambles Tuesday afternoon.

An elderly woman crashed her red Cadillac into Tuesday around 5 p.m., forcing customers to dodge out of the way. (See video above).

"I thought it was a terrorist attack," store manager John Bain said. "It sounded like multiple explosions."

Those sounds were the car smashing through the store, first through the glass windows of the entrance, then through displays of health protein and other products, and finally stopping with a crash into the store's dressing room.

No one was seriously hurt, although one woman was grazed by the car.

See it again in slow motion.

"People could have been killed easily," said Jeff Hiatt, whose wife was pushed into the cash register by the car. "It's kind of shocking seeing that. I thank the Lord everyone was OK."

Bain, whose hands were shaking 45 minutes after the crash, said the whole store was filled with smoke. He also said the elderly driver did not immediately stop the car, and when she was helped out, she struggled to stay inside the car for fear of leaving her purse.

Three fire trucks, an ambulance and several police cars responded, as well as a speedy building inspector who deemed the site safe for business. The store reopened today, and 12 hours later workers were still clearing glass and other debris from the store.

"People at that age, people like that shouldn't be driving, period," Hiatt said.

He said his wife is "hurting today" but was not admitted after being checked out at a nearby hospital.

The store had just finished remodeling last week, Bain said.

Hiatt, who is a regular customer at the store, said the situation would have been more dangerous under the store's old configuration.

"At the old store they would have been dead," he said. "The cashier was in line with the front door."

The bike store has been in the same shopping center since 1991 and the same location since 1997, a worker said.

twist September 16, 2011 at 05:32 PM
In California, you can get a license if you breath, have a warm body and pay. The test is a joke and the elderly get renewed simply because they've been driving a long time. The tests nee to be administered every 3 years and the tests need to be different every time. Skills need to be tested every 6 years. There are way too many drivers who simply don't know the rules of the road or have the necessary skills to operate a 2500 pound plus piece of heavy machinery.
Peter Schelden September 16, 2011 at 07:36 PM
Those people you hear in the background are employees reacting to the video. In the video that shows the car entering the store, one employee recognizes a coworker narrowly avoiding the car. I left the audio in, figuring it gave a sense of how the employees were reacting the day after.
pcj September 16, 2011 at 07:46 PM
For the comments on here about old people driving. I have seen a lot of young people do plenty of stupid driving. Like a 20 year old driving thru the entrance of a Family Video store front. Another one texting while driving under a stop 18 wheeler.The list is just never ending.
Sheila LaFreniere September 16, 2011 at 11:45 PM
That poor lady near the counter was already on crutches and seemed to have a cast or something on her left leg. Hope that injury wasn't made worse.
Peter Schelden September 16, 2011 at 11:54 PM
I spoke to her husband, Sheila. Apparently she was already recovering from a knee injury. He said they took her to the hospital after the accident, and while she wasn't seriously injured by the brush with the Cadillac, she was hurting the next day.


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