Are Republicans Bad Sports In RSM?

A man's car is desecrated in conservative Rancho Santa Margarita, most likely for showing his political pride on the bumper.

The way Bill Ellis figures it, Republicans were the culprits.

A senior citizen, Ellis spent about 16 hours at City Hall in Rancho Santa Margarita on Tuesday serving as a volunteer as its poll inspector.

At one point, he said, there were probably a hundred people in line. Once, there were as few as two—conveniently allowing pollworkers to have lunch. The noontime rush hit early, at 11 a.m.

And when all the paperwork was done, when the Council Chambers at City Hall was back in order, Ellis went to his car only to find it desecrated with an expletive that begins with the letter F, followed by the letter "U" to form a two-word sentence that is commonly accompanied by a crude hand gesture.

"After spending 16 hours helping my fellow residents vote," Ellis said, "I was greeted by this 'greeting' on my window."

Ellis hadn't made any notable enemies during the day, where he's supposed to remain politically neutral. He oversaw the voting of nearly 700 Rancho Santa Margarita residents.

But he figured that someone didn't like the bumper stickers on his car, which was parked all day in the Kohl's lot.

Ellis' political colors are blue, and he had seven bumper stickers proclaiming his pride in the Democratic party.

He called the incident "somewhat disturbing."

He did catch a break. Even though it appeared that a message on the back driver's side window had been interrupted—perhaps someone came across the culprit in mid-message—it wasn't done in ink or anything permanent.

"It seemed to be a substance like frosting," Ellis said.

Probably icing that went unused on a particular victory cake. Across the street from City Hall—and Kohl's—was a Mitt Romney/Republican office.

Martin Henderson November 09, 2012 at 05:28 PM
@Father of 3: As points of clarification, there was no gloating involved. Mr. Ellis had pro-Democrat/Obama bumper stickers which should not be construed or even compared to gang colors. To be fair, there were a lot of people hurting before Obama was elected. Had everything been so great at that time, Obama would not have been elected; in fact, Romney was not even the preferred Republican candidate even though he was in the 2008 race. Having said all that, I avoid putting bumper stickers or any personal messages or logos on my car in order to not attract attention of any kind.
Gary November 09, 2012 at 08:45 PM
@ Bill: As I mentioned in my first post, I commend you for your efforts and as a volunteer polling inspector. I too have spent the day volunteering at the polls (2004) and it can prove to be a very long and arduous day, even with the great job Neal does as registrar of Voters. "Thank you for your service." And, its nice of you to have parked your vehicle out and away from the polling location because had you not, your bumper sticker may have been in violation of the 100ft regulations/law. Is it possible the perpetrator may have felt your political signage was too close to the polls which in turn brought about this unwarranted desecration? Just a thought............
Janet Whitcomb November 09, 2012 at 08:49 PM
"Gang colors" in the same line with "Obama stickers"? Please. In the four or five months leading up to the election, I saw many bumper stickers around town advocating the Romney/Ryan ticket, as well as those advocating the Obama/Biden ticket. None of them, however, said—or implied—“Hit me." And I doubt any of the drivers were trying to attract "negative attention." Each was simply stating his or her support of a candidate. If that is provocation, then I suppose every act of public opinion, including those stated at rallies and city council meetings, could be seen as provocation to acts of verbal and/or physical violence. Although news headlines report otherwise, one should be able to politely state one's views without fear of retribution. As for gloating, I know of no one among my friends who voted for Obama who is gloating. And if Romney had won, the same would be true of my friends who voted the Republican ticket. Perhaps you're confusing expressions of relief that the election is over for gloating? Yes, you are absolutely correct that a lot of people are hurting from the last four years. Many of us continue to work hard staying afloat in our not-always-watertight lifeboats; tactful people on ALL sides of the political spectrum understand this. Finally, I hope your statement that "it's not wise to push someone who is already on edge" does not portend something personally drastic. Everyone here, myself included, wishes you the best.
Janet Whitcomb November 09, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Gary, surely you jest. Someone writing obsenities on someone else's property does so with the 100 foot regulation in mind? Wow. Not hard to identify THAT Concerned Citizen . . . it's the one running around with a can of frosting and the OC Registrar of Voters rule book.
Bill Ellis November 09, 2012 at 09:17 PM
That would be a stretch - it was clearly in another block, and well past the "100 foot" limit sign I had personally installed that morning.


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