Trucker in Fiery Crash Was on Drugs

Coroner's report shows the trucker who collided into a car driven by local teacher Kelli Groves, almost killing her, was high on methamphetamine.

The truck driver who careened off a bridge north of Santa Barbara Jan. 12, , was high on methamphetamine at the time of the fiery accident.

That's the conclusion of the the coroner's office in Santa Barbara County, according to several media outlets in the area.


Charles Allison, Jr. probably used the drug shortly before the accident, the toxicology report showed, the Santa Barbara Independent newspaper reported. 

Allison was driving northbound in a big-rig truck when he clipped the back of a BMW driven by Kelli Groves, a first-grade teacher at . He drove his truck off the bridge, falling 100 feet into Nojoqui Creek below. 

His truck burst into flames. Allison died at the scene.

The accident left the Groves's car perched halfway off the bridge. Firefighters, California Highway Patrol officers and Navy Seabees stuck in the ensuing traffic , her then-10-week-old daughter Mylo and her 10-year-old daughter Sage. 

According to the Independent: 

The extremely high level of meth in Allison's system, explained Sgt. Sandra Brown with the Coroner's Office, means he was actively using the drug, either while driving or at a stop made within 30 minutes of the accident. “He was at the level where people exhibit aggressive behavior or have hallucinations,” Brown said. Allison also had amphetamine in his system, the report reads, the result of his body breaking down the methamphetamine.

The California Highway Patrol has ruled Allison's drug use the direct cause of the collision.

before coming home to San Juan Capistrano. The family is not yet commenting publicly about the accident, but has asked members of the Del Obispo family to .

TH justice February 03, 2012 at 09:36 PM
The God for our angels! Bless the Groves family!!
OC Mom February 07, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Unfortunately, a lot of truckers abuse these drugs in order to meet the demands of their job. They should be sleeping and resting when they are tired, but they are driving with little sleep in order to meet deadlines. Something needs to be done so that more families aren't endangered. I hope that the Groves family will recover fully.
Douglas Martin February 29, 2012 at 06:42 PM
Yes it's wonderful that the Grove's survived this tragedy. But another family did not. Before anyone says, "He got what he deserved" (who would wish that a man burn to death in a truck??), think of the truck driver's family. He had methamphetamine in his system, which means he bears responsibilty for his own actions. But in 30 years of emergency medicine, I have never met a meth addict that WANTED to be a meth addict. There is no excuse for endagering other people by using methamphetamines, especially while driving an 80,000lb vehicle, but burning to death in his truck was not the solution to his (nor society's) meth problem.


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