Twin Peaks Student Allegedly Planned School Shooting

The 12-year-old student is suspected of sending an email threatening to shoot other students and a teacher on Monday.

Update 12:25 p.m. Monday: Sheriff Patrols Twin Peaks on Day of Planned School Shooting

A 12-year-old Twin Peaks Middle School student in Poway was arrested Saturday night after allegedly threatening to shoot nearly two dozen students and his teacher during class when school resumes Monday.

The student, a seventh-grader, has been admitted to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation, Capt. Bill Donahue said Sunday during a press conference at the Poway Sheriff's Station. School is scheduled to go on as usual on Monday despite the threat.

There is no evidence that anyone else was involved in the threat and this is considered an isolated situation, he said. Authorities seized five rifles, three shotguns and three handguns—all locked up—from the student's home Saturday night while executing a search warrant, Donahue said.

The student is accused of sending an email to a school administrator Friday night threatening to shoot 23 students and one of his teachers during second period on Monday, which would have been around 9:30 a.m. He allegedly referenced 3,000 rounds of ammunition and named a specific teacher, but not any specific students, Donahue said.

Donahue declined to comment on whether any ammunition was found at the student's home.

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The Sheriff's Department learned about the threat Saturday morning and began an investigation with the Poway Criminal Apprehension Team (PCAT) and the Crime High-Tech Response Team (CATCH). Investigators were able to trace the email through the student's Internet service provider due to the seriousness of the threat, Donahue said.

The teacher is not being identified as this time, but is expected to be in class on Monday, Donahue and Poway Unified School District Superintendent John Collins said.

"Obviously, this is saddening and disturbing," Collins said, adding that parents can feel reassured that "the system worked" to avert the threat in time.

The teacher could not think of a reason why the student would threaten him/her, Donahue said.

Armed sheriff's deputies and counselors will be on campus Monday, Collins said. Twin Peaks Principal Kelly Burke sent an email to parents Sunday morning about the threat, saying sixth-grade camp would go on as scheduled this week.

Donahue said officials did not sweep the campus for weapons, but they will be on site Monday for extra security.

The superintendent also said the threat has no connection to a recent death threat another Twin Peaks Middle School student allegedly made to another student.

Poway Mayor Don Higginson and Poway Unified Board President Marc Davis also attended the press conference. 

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Crystal bunch February 11, 2013 at 01:22 PM
I be leave there are some teachers that are way to hard on students..my little girl is in elementary school her teacher would basically call her stupid but in other words but still no one should ever use violence to solve the issues.. I prey all gets better and all goes well.. God bless
Constance J. Swanson February 11, 2013 at 09:27 PM
Crystal, I doubt you have a clue as to what goes on in your daughter's classroom - and you aren't alone by a long shot. Kids will lie in a heartbeat to keep their little fannies out of trouble. As the mother of a teacher I hear some major horror stories. Parents refuse to discipline and expect everyone else to cater to their little darlings. They even blame the teachers when the kids don't do homework, or turn it in full of errors instead of helping them out at home. Parents turn a blind eye to what their kids are doing; thinking "no problem" until it's too late; which includes failing grades and poor marks in deportment. It's time for parents to once again take the responsibility for their kids and teach them to do likewise where their actions are concerned. Get involved in your child's life - be it school, sports, friends, and/or other activities. Believe me when I say you will get more out of it than you could ever imagine. Know what they are doing, with whom and where. Teach them morals and to respect others as well as themselves. We, as a nation, are raising monsters who turn into lazy, demanding, immature adults who do things such as that at Columbine and Sandy Hook - or shoot a Congresswoman in AZ, among the many other killings nationwide. They think nothing of robbing, killing, harming people if they so wish.
David Mesple February 19, 2013 at 05:30 PM
Dear Crystal, I am a teacher and thought your post was very sad. So, I am correcting all the spelling and grammatical mistakes you posted in your critique of teachers: "I BELIEVE there are some teachers WHO (preferred over "that") are way TOO (not "to" or "two") hard on students. (period) My little girl is in elementary school. (period). Her teacher would basically call her "stupid" (quotes help) but WITH other words. (period) But still, (comma), no one should ever use violence to solve A PROBLEM (you cannot solve "the issues"). I PRAY ("prey" is what we call the victims of carnivorous predators or deluded mass murderers, ironically) THAT all gets better and all goes well. (period). God bless. (period) Sincerely, Professor David Mesple'


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