Affordable Housing Back on the Table

After an apartment complex was rejected for lacking affordable housing, the developer has come back to the city with a compromise.

Will a new apartment complex built on the old K-Mart site include housing for low-income residents?

The question is at the heart of a complex deal between the city and UDR, a developer set to build 320 apartments at 28601 Los Alisos Blvd.

Set to build them, that is, , and with them the incentives cities use to encourage developers to provide low-income housing.

With no city incentives, that its low-income housing requirement be removed from the city's agreement. , effectively killing the city's agreement with UDR.

Mayor Frank Ury and Councilman Dave Leckness voted against the majority, arguing that if the city did not remove the affordable housing requirements UDR could return to the city with a more dense apartment project plan.

Now UDR has returned with a new plan calling for half the low-income units originally approved—24 as opposed to the original 48. The original plan would bring low-income housing to the complex for 55 years, but under the new plan proposed by UDR, those units would be so designated for 10 years.


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