How Much Has Cathy Schlicht Spent Running for City Council?

Find out who donated to City Council candidate Cathy Schlicht here.

Among Mission Viejo City Council candidates, Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht has spent the most this year—about $29,300. About $7,200 of that has been spent on campaign literature and miscellaneous campaign costs.

Schlicht has loaned her campaign $11,953. Larry Gilbert, who was paid $350 by the Schlicht campaign for a fundraising event, has loaned her campaign $1,250.

Read about other candidate finances here:

In January, Schlicht received a $1,000 donation from former Mission Viejo councilwoman Gail Reavis.

Garage sales contributed another $2,500 to her campaign, according to state filings. The garage sales were held Aug. 27 and Sept. 12.

Schlicht received $500 from the Family Action Pac, which describes itself on its website as "socially conservative." 

She spent about $3,900 on campaign literature and mailings. Another $3,400 was spent on miscellaneous campaign paraphernalia.

Here's a breakdown of campaign expenses and contributions from state forms submitted in early October:

Candidate Contributions This Year Contributions July-Sept Expenses This Year Expenses July-Sept Campaign Debt Wendy Bucknum $33,557.36 $17,196 $27,399 $24,532 $204.13 Ed Sachs $15,275.11 $14,942.41 $10,395.11 Cathy Schlicht $28,109.40 $6,123.40 $29,338.39 $12,867 $13,201 Frank Ury $23,048 $12,899 $19,274 $18,794 $0
Desi Kiss October 15, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Thank you Patch for keeping us and the MV voters informed. keep up the good work!


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