UPDATED: No GOP Endorsements for SJC Council

In the last two months, the Central Committee has considered four of the five candidates for San Juan Capistrano City Council.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Updated At 1:37 p.m. to add comments from candidate Kim McCarthy and again at 2:09 p.m. to add comments from candidate Roy Byrnes. Updated at 12:30 a.m. Oct. 17 to add comments from Councilman Sam Allevato.

Five Republicans running for San Juan Capistrano City Council, and not one of them will have the support of their party.

The OC GOP Central Committee met Monday to consider for the final time this election season whether it would want to endorse any San Juan Capistrano council candidates.

In early September, an endorsing committee heard the requests from incumbent Sam Allevato and Planning Commissioner Ginny Kerr but rejected both after critics of the current City Council spoke out in opposition.  

Then earlier this month, that same committee considered the requests from candidates Kim McCarthy and Roy Byrnes.

While the committee did agree to recommend the candidates’ endorsement, it was not without fireworks.

From the OC Political blog

Endorsements Committee Member Mary Young speaks and Candidate Kim McCarthy starts shouting over her, with each demanding that the other show respect.  Young states and McCarthy shouts about how hard they work on the Central Committee and as a candidate, respectively.  (OC Political wishes we had a camera going.)  McCarthy rises out of her seat as the male Endorsements Committee members have facial expressions of concern about a potential physical confrontation.

Still, the committee narrowly approved to recommend Byrnes and McCarthy for endorsement.

Contacted after the Oct. 1 committee meeting, Young told Patch the account is accurate.

Monday night, the Central Committee gathered as a whole to make a final decision, and according to the OC Political blog, Young made the motion not to endorse anyone in San Juan Capistrano. The motion was passed unanimously.

"Being unknown to the republican party, Dr. Byrnes and I never expected to get as far in the endorsement process as we did," McCarthy told Patch. She views the biggest accomplishment is ensuring that Allevato did not get the endorsement.

Byrnes saw it the same way.

"For Sam Allevato, a nine-year entrenched incumbent politician to be rejected by his own Republican party speaks volumes and is an earth-shaking, wake-up call to the voters. Powerful political bosses tried every trick in the book to pull him through but his record was too clear," Byrnes said.

Allevato said McCarthy's failure to clinch an endorsement had much more to do with her than he.

"McCarthy has consistently lied to her friends, and has now be caught in a lie by the OC GOP Central Committee and rebuked for her offensive behavior in front of 30-plus Central Committee members and an audience of elected officials," he said in a note to the media. "And she considers this a victory! She took Byrnes down with her."

McCarthy and Byrnes did pick up a major endorsement from the Orange County Register

Patch does not endorse candidates.

JessC October 21, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Kim, I will have to agree with you that Dr. Uso is very angry and bitter with many of the people in town. It makes me very sad because my family really liked the man, not only professionally, but personally. Politics changed him and that is a real shame.
Lon Uso October 21, 2012 at 10:38 PM
Well Jess, Your statement is factually incorrect. I don't hate everybody. I love many people just not your candidates. Sam never threw me under a bus, we were never aligned so he couldn't have. In fact, Sam remained loyal to his people which I give him credit for even if I do not support him politically. You must not have read the majority of the posts because I have been clear why I don't trust or like your candidates but my posting here goes much further. I believe that they are misleading the voters on just about every issue, from traffic to water, etc...if they actually believe the tripe they have been spewing they are in fact dangerous!!! I can only hope that there are some open minded people on this forum that are interested in facts and not in "feelings" about the candidates. If you want to talk about haters, look in one of Kim's mirrors. There is an obvious hate among your people for Sam. If you can't see that you should clean the fog from your glasses. Jess you won't be the first or I am sure the last friend that I have lost for standing up for what I believe in. At the end of the day, it's a lot more important to like yourself because you have to live with yourself a long time. Politics have not changed me, I spoke this way about Swerdlin, Hart and Soto but in those days Kim and the others agreed with me and cheered me on so tell me who has changed here? You seem so upset, you might consider not posting again, I worry about you, take care.
Ted Shown October 21, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Lon: "Tim I stand corrected, you said confidence not trust. If trust or confidence changes with the facts, you must have completely discounted the facts I presented to you, including the fact that they don't believe they can lower your rates. Lon, I am going to assume that by “Tim,” you meant to say “Ted” and will respond to this post. If I am wrong, then “never mind.” I assure you, I have not discounted your posts and I thank you for sharing them. This discussion has been very enlightening. “Fact, this Council never pledged to not try to lower your rates, that is nonsense.” Of course they didn’t pledge that. I was using hyperbole when I said they “essentially pledged to not even try.” By that I meant they failed to do so and, as far as I know, have not stated that it is a priority in their next term. Be assured that I have the best interests of the people of San Juan in mind. I don’t really care who is in office, I care that they run this city in an open, transparent, efficient way with integrity. If the next batch to be seated fails to do that, you can be sure I will oppose them and continue to seek candidates who can. I think I have offered about all I have to say in this discussion. I appreciate your responses and attempts to stay on topic. This will be my final transmission in this thread. Peace. Out.
Lon Uso October 21, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Of course I meant Ted, sorry. I do believe that you have the best interest of the people in your heart and I appreciate your willingness to listen. I sincerely wish you luck, you seem to be a good and decent man.
Jonathan Volzke October 22, 2012 at 10:11 PM
Clint, You keep bringing up Yuma. I imagine their water is cheaper because it's closer to the source (Colorado River) and doesn't have to traverse as many mountain ranges, etc. But interesting thing about Yuma: They have a GWRP, too! Where Does My Water Come From? T he main source of Yuma’s drinking water is surface water from the Colorado River and is delivered to the Treatment Facilities via the canal system. The Main Street Treatment Facility is a conventional water treatment plant. Surface water is treated with coagulant chemicals to help the sediment to collect and drop to the bottom of the sedimentation basins. The water is sent through slow sand filters, and chlorine is added for disinfection. Treated water is then sent out to the distribution system and storage tanks. The Agua Viva Water Treatment Facility presently treats ground water and surface water. The ground water is treated for iron and manganese. Water drawn from a well is ground water. In 2009, the expansion of the Agua Viva Water Treatment Facility to produce 24 million gallons per day of surface water was completed. Treated ground water and surface water are blended together and disinfected prior to distribution in the system. Even Yuma, Clint, sees the wisdom.


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