Oath of Office Ceremony, Sale of City iPods at Wednesday Meeting

Winners of the Imperial Beach City Council election will be sworn into office, approval of the Eco Bikeway and sale of city electronics like televisions and video game systems are on the Dec. 5 meeting agenda.

Updated 4:11 p.m. Wednesday.

The Imperial Beach City Council meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m. will begin with a ceremony to swear into office Bobby Patton and Brian Pat Bilbray.

A special meeting will be held after the regular meeting in which the 9th Street and Palm Avenue shopping center and lighting on Seacoast Drive will be discussed.

The City Manager, Assistant City Manager and City Attorney will also meet in closed session to discuss negotiating "price and terms of payment" with the YMCA after the regular meeting. The city is considering whether to turn over control of its Sports Park and Recreation Center to the YMCA.

A total of six candidates ran for two seats on the Imperial Beach City Council in 2012.

Physical Education teacher and longtime Imperial Beach lifeguard Bobby Patton received 3,694 votes, or 35.2 percent of 10,500 votes cast.

Councilman Bilbray received 2,013 votes in his re-election bid, or 19.2 percent of votes. Roughly 1,000 votes still need to be tallied countywide before election results are certified.

Prior to the oath of office ceremony, Councilman Jim King will be recognized for his term in office.

King was elected to office in 2008 and came about 100 votes short of defeating Bilbray to stay on the City Council.

Bilbray was elected to office in a special election in 2010 following the death of Councilman Frank McLean.

In Patton's first meeting, City Council will consider topics ranging from final approval of Eco Bikeway construction from 3rd to 7th streets, selling city electronics and multiple Boy Scouts of America Eagle projects.

City Council will vote whether to award a contract to construct the Eco Bikeway from 3rd to 7th streets. The proposed project would install Class 3 bikeway for shared bike-car use from the Bayshore Bikeway, down 7th Street to Palm Avenue and Class 2 bike lanes on Palm Avenue from 3rd to 7th streets.

As a result, lanes on Palm Avenue from 3rd to 7th streets would be reduced to one lane in two directions. Parking spaces and landscape beautification will also be added along Palm Avenue.

Though advertising a request for proposals wasn't approved by City Council until Nov. 21, the call for proposals was first advertised by the city Nov. 1.

If approved, construction is scheduled to be completed by June 4. At council's last meeting Nov. 21, Councilman Ed Spriggs expressed concern that construction could extend into the summer and potentially get in the way of crowds of beachgoers or the opening of the new Pier South hotel.

Spriggs would eventually vote "yes" for the Eco Bikeway, and council would approve advertising bids in a 3-1 vote, with Councilwoman Lorie Bragg casting the sole "no" vote. Councilman Jim King did not attend the meeting.

If approved, the contract will go to Western Rim Constructors of Escondido to complete the job for $1.4 million whose bid was the lowest among eight companies vying for the contract. An engineer estimated that the project would cost $2.1 million.

The project will be paid for with $1.5 million from a SANDAG Active Transportation Grant and $600,000 from TRANSNET funds. The city will spend an additional $60,000 in administrative costs.

This is agenda item 6.4.

The city will also move to reward a contract for repairs of main line pipe and man-holes to Trans Consulting Engineers, Inc. for $270,000. The city will need to pay an additional $65,000 in engineer and administrative fees.

This is agenda item 6.5.

City Council will discuss whether to send some items that are considered "surplus or unsuitable for city use" to public auction. Among about 40 items that may be put on the county's auction block are a trailer, weed trimmer and air compressor.

There's also an assortment of electronics, including:

- Sony Playstation

- Sony PSP handheld video game system

- digital cameras

- Apple iPhone, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano

- printers

- 50" plasma television

- Alpine car stereo

- paper shredders

- computer monitors

This is agenda item 2.6.

Eagle Scout candidate Kyle Armstrong from Boy Scout Troop 221 wants to replace grass in front of the Imperial Beach lifeguard station with block paving.

This is agenda item 6.2.

Eagle Scout candidate Jason Gros wants to improve landscape at the Sports Park and Recreation Center.

This is agenda item 6.1.

With agenda item 2.3, City Council will consider implementation of a Fair Political Practices Commission recommendation to publicly post a form that identifies all appointed positions for which the official receives more than $250 in compensation when said official is up for a new appointment.

This is agenda item 2.4.

The city will hold a final reading of an ordinance to allow the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health to enforce "ABC" grading system regulations on mobile food trucks in Imperial Beach. A motion will be made to approve the ordinance after the final reading.

This is agenda item 4.1.

In order to preserve recently paved streets, the city will consider establishing a five-year moratorium on newly cut streets, with exemptions in the case of emergency repairs or other issues.

This is agenda item 3.2.

Councilwoman Lorie Bragg will be the city's Mayor Pro Tempore in 2013. In this capacity, Bragg will act as mayor if Mayor Jim Janney is absent or unable to act. Councilman Ed Spriggs is the city's current Mayor Pro Tempore.

This is agenda item 2.8.

The mayor will appoint a citizen to the Port of San Diego's Public Art Committee (PAC). The PAC acts as an advisor to the port's Public Art Office and Board of Port Commissioners. The appointee will serve a three-year term.

Daniel Lopez was IB's representative but he resigned Sept. 12.

This is agenda item 6.3.

Changes to positions in the city's Human Resoures positions will be considered with agenda item 2.7.

Libi Uremovic December 05, 2012 at 03:41 AM
yea that's about right jon.... they city wants to pass a law to prevent anyone from ripping up the sidewalks unless there's a good reason.... the city doesn't seem to understand that they are the only ones ripping up sidewalks for no reason...
Libi Uremovic December 05, 2012 at 04:13 AM
nothing on the agenda regarding the sports park or parking meters....or anything else concerning the citizenry.... jack, what do you think of the food truck ordinance...i don't see why the city is involved...this is already set by the county....
JOhn December 05, 2012 at 05:19 AM
Maybe someone should look into writing a proposition, that states that the City Council can not meet behind closed doors. I am sure it would have no problem passing. Any talks between the YMCA and the City should be available for public comment. Sounds like Turko need to come back down.
Jack Fisher December 05, 2012 at 07:10 AM
The food truck ordinace is combined with other restaurant ordinace upgrades. I think the City would have waited until the first of the year to include AB 1616, http://www.theselc.org/cottage-food-lawscottage-food-law-bill-language/ ,which will be in effect on January 1, 2013. This will make part of the proposed ordinace out of date from the get go as far as I can see. They will always be behind on these type of issues. JOhn brought up a good point about the closed door meeting between the City and YMCA, anybody know how to write a proposition?
Libi Uremovic December 05, 2012 at 01:53 PM
laws regarding use of tax payer monies and open meetings are already on the books on local,state, and federal levels... especially in cali - we have the brown act: http://www.brownact.4t.com i got a phone call from the city on tuesday....ms hald requested clarification on exactly what i wanted in the city attorney records requests... what i want is very simple.... the city attorney is either peddling her wares unsolicited or 'someone' is requesting her services - i want to see the purchase order/job request/authorization by the city for the city attorney to rack up $416,548.89 in fees and the specific purpose. ... or a statement from the city that they have no knowledge of how the charges were generated... and i want to see the invoices/bills/you-owe-me's that the law offices of the city attorney must have submitted to the city to generate the checks issued from the general fund... this is the 4th records request for attorney fees... in the past the city has hid behind attorney/client privilege, but billing information is always a matter of public records and the city attorney represents the people, not the city officials... the state bar audit and review unit have opened case # 12-15017 on Jennifer Lyon ... the state controller's office it auditing....the state dept of finance has refused to approve any ib activities.... it's about time our council either acknowledge what's going on or acknowledge that they are in the dark..


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