Prostitution Fines Go Up and Other New Florida Laws

The New Year signals the start of many new laws in the state of Florida, including one that will make fines for some acts of prostitution go up dramatically.

The ball dropping at midnight signifies more than the start of 2013, it also signals the effective date of a host of new laws right here in the Sunshine state.

Of particular interest to many Tampa Bay area neighborhoods is a change in the civil penalties related to prostitution. The new law will raise the penalties for some acts from $500 to $5,000. The law will channel $4,500 of every fine to help fund safe houses. The other $500 will continue to help pay for drug treatment programs, according to My Fox Tampa Bay.

Another new law of concern to many motorists is a change to Florida statutes that will now allow drivers to flash their headlights to let other motorists know about speed traps on the road ahead.

That law was championed by Land O’ Lakes resident Eric Campbell who fought a ticket issued by the Florida Highway Patrol. While Campbell’s lawsuit is still pending, according to The Tampa Tribune, the state’s law regarding the act of flashing lights to warn other motorists changes tonight.

That chain is just one of many that go into effect as the New Year arrives.

Other new laws include:

  • A provision that will allow homeless people to get state ID cards
  • The creation of two new specialty license plates for vehicles registered in Florida
  • The prohibition of swamp buggies on state roadways unless local authorities allow the act
  • An increase in the state’s minimum wage from $7.67 to $7.79 an hour

OK, Lutz, what do you think about the new state laws? Is there a law you’d like to see enacted in 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Gary Anderson December 31, 2012 at 06:26 PM
Grandparents have no rights when it comes to their grandchildren in FlorIda. The courts would leave the kids in a dangerous place with the parents taking drugs than giving the kids to the grandparents for their safety. Twice we gotten attorneys and they did nothing and cost us six thousand dollars, and if you go to court the judge will not let you talk without an attorney. They let the kids go to hell to make the attorneys rich. Florida is going backwards instead of going ahead, and they are destroying our kids some old people without grandkids had to make this law. When we went to court for our grandson even the judge said that he did not agree with this law. P.S. We need a movement to Save our Grandkids. Sincerely, Gary H. Anderson Edmi Anderson agary466@aol.com
Denny Brown January 01, 2013 at 12:43 PM
Vehicals should have a monthly insurance number (1-12 month) and motor I D with the insurance companies name on a sticker which when placed on the bumper would indicate; this vehical has insurance for the following month/months.
Sherri Lonon January 02, 2013 at 01:03 AM
Those are both outstanding suggestions.


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