Sheriff Stan Sniff Asks Governor To Halt Illegal Immigration Legislation

“I oppose Assembly Bill 1081 and respectfully request that you veto this measure,” Sniff wrote to Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday.

A bill that would require local jail officials to release some illegal immigrants from custody has concerned Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff.

In a letter to Governor Jerry Brown Friday, the sheriff is calling for a veto of AB 1081, otherwise known as the Trust Act.

If signed by the governor, would prohibit local law enforcement agencies from detaining an illegal immigrant for deportation at the request of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if that person is eligible for release from criminal custody.

Sniff wrote that enforcing U.S. immigration law is a federal responsibility with “shortfalls.”

“In the decade after 9/11, and in response to shortfalls in our national Homeland Security, we have honed close partnerships between federal, state, and local enforcement that this [bill] now directly undermines,” Sniff wrote. “In addition, law enforcement agencies have executed legal agreements that are directly impacted by this bill, and we potentially place at risk of cancelation or repayment, millions of dollars in federal grant funds of all types where we certify compliance with federal laws. Or worse, we face years of protracted legal disputes, which will waste scarce county funds that are already very constrained.

“For these reasons,” Sniff continued, “I oppose Assembly Bill 1081 and respectfully request that you veto this measure.”

The state Assembly passed the bill in May; the state Senate passed it in early July.

The bill’s lead author Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), said, “[The] vote signals to the nation that California cannot afford .”

“The bill ... limits unjust and onerous detentions for deportation in local jails of community members who do not pose a threat to public safety," he said.

The immigration detentions "are a drain on local resources" because state and local law enforcement agencies are not reimbursed by the feds for the , according to the legislation's text.

AB 1081 would still allow immigration detainers to be placed on people who have not been released from criminal custody or have a serious or violent felony conviction.

Ammiano contends the Trust Act was introduced in February 2011 as a response to the federal "Secure Communities" or S-Comm deportation program, which the assemblyman describes as a parallel to . Under S-Comm, the FBI automatically sends fingerprints to ICE to check against its immigration databases. If the checks show a person is in the country illegally,

Angela F. Chan, senior staff attorney at the Asian Law Caucus, a nonprofit civil rights organization located in San Francisco, said S-Comm encourages racial profiling by law enforcement.

"About 76 percent of the 2,460 residents deported under the S-Comm program from Riverside County are individuals without criminal records or those arrested for lesser offenses, including misdemeanors and traffic violations," Chan said.

As of early July, 72,000 people in California had been removed from the country under S-Comm and seven in 10 were deported with either no conviction or for minor offenses, Ammiano contends.

But ICE defends S-Comm.

Secure Communities has proven to be the single most valuable tool in allowing the agency to eliminate the ad hoc approach of the past and focus on criminal aliens and repeat immigration law violators,” according to ICE Western Regional Communications Director Virginia Kice. 

“Since ICE implemented Secure Communities in Oct. 2008 [through April 30, 2012, the initiative has resulted in the removal of 189,744 persons [nationwide]. Nearly 75 percent of those individuals [141,005] had prior criminal convictions,” Kice said. ( to read about ICE's defense of its policy.)

JJ Mclure August 29, 2012 at 06:39 PM
It's President of the United States....it's easier using the short version
Brenda August 29, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Diana, plan the time and place for us, and I know I will be there beside you holding signs or water bottles and I have a strong voice!! Lets do it finally.
Brenda August 29, 2012 at 07:31 PM
I am sorry you did something bad that got you put in prison GodGuy cause it sounds from inside you, that you mean well. I didnt think about the muslims in prison and how much they actually fight and beat the other inmates to get them to believe in their ways. Which I never could understand beating, raping others to get them to believe in your or their God. Would definately make me despise them more then ever even accept them as a human being much less their religion considered a boni fide one allowed in the USA. Alot in the quaran teaches violence and men being superior to women like what we see as cave man days. Men eat first, women and children after the men get all they want, and they eat standing up in the kitchen area. I do not remember all of the exerpts I have seen over the years by pastors over the years but its things I would never believe in. We in the USA have freedom of religion, but that means also USA, as in American Citizens who were included in that good ole Constitution and Bill of Rights. So your anger would definately be justified at the moment being in prison. But also God teaches us to not hate our fellow man and hopefully you just will not think about the 5 yrs you did, and forget what you went through or were being forced to hear. Must have been a terrible things and I bet you will never so much as miss a stop sign in the future. Best wishes and best of luck on jobs an life too GodGuy.
Scary Mary September 26, 2012 at 03:00 AM
From 2008 to 2012 the government has deported 189,744 people nationwide. Are they bragging or complaining? Out of the 40-50 MILLION illegals that are in the US, that seems like a piddly amount. Not even worth mentioning. California or Mexifornia is going down fast. Soon, the middle class will have left the State and Obama's 47% will be the only ones left. Who will pay Brown's taxes then? Certainly not the illegals. That's what happens when you insist on being a Sanctuary State!
Brenda September 26, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Mary, 189k is not even a dent in California's illegals.Then count in all the children born here from the illegal parents. Coyotes know a pregnant woman is worth ALOT, so to transport their fees are 5k or MORE instead of a mans 2k. Women are more expensive and then you get the child bearing ones,11 and up, and they pay 3500+ for a ride. So, to the 40 to 50 million illegals you can add at least 1 child but its more then likely 2 to 3 per illegal mother. ***GASP*** There is no joking here when I say that Illegals have not only taken over Cities in California(Get the list Brown rallied in and you will know)but they are well on the way to taking it over completely. When we have a Governor that "YOU the PEOPLE" voted into office, makes his first really big move to improve California, what does he do? He gives college educations away to Illegals. Now what kind of sense does that make? We are broke, we have far bigger fish to fry then even giving away college educations to our own LEGAL people, and he gives them to Illegals? This is a sick man, sick sick. Now his 2nd big move is to NOT deport illegals right? Great........what happened to cleaning up California financially and crime etc? These people cannot take care of themselves in Mexico, how in the world do you expect them to ever take care of themselves HERE and get OFF our aid programs? DOH! Save California, get them off our AID, DEPORT THEM. I guarantee California pays the most out in aid in this country.


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