Two More Set Aim for Capo School Board

One of the four seats up for election now has five candidates.

More changes to the candidate field for the Board of Trustees Friday.

This is the first year that trustees will be elected by specific areas and not by the expansive district at large.

In two of the four seats up for election – Trustee Area No. 3 (San Clemente) and Trustee Area No. 5 (Aliso Viejo) – the period in which to declare candidacy ends Friday at 5 p.m. because incumbents Gary Pritchard and John Alpay will seek re-election.

In two others, Trustee Area No. 1 (Capo Beach, Dana Point and parts of San Juan Capistrano) and Trustee Area No. 2 (parts of San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch and Coto de Caza, prospective candidates have until Wednesday, Aug. 15 to come forward.

Here are the changes:

Trustee Area No. 1

For a trustee area that had no one publicly interested up until a few days ago, now there are two. Jack Brick is the incumbent, but he .

The latest entrant is Capo Beach resident Amy Hanacek, who represents herself as a small business owner in her paperwork. Her Facebook page indicates that she owns a company called Everythinghome.co.

Hanacek was quoted in the Los Angeles Times as a parent who fought the new boundary lines for San Juan Hills High, which moved away from Capo Beach students to the new high school. She served as the PTA president at San Clemente High School in 2009

She joins , a professor at Cal State Fullerton.

Trustee Area No. 2

When the trustee area boundaries were redrawn, Area No. 2, didn’t include a current trustee residence. This area has attracted the most candidates with a fifth entrant making an appearance. Carol McCormick, president of Ladera Ranch Community Services, pulled and filed her candidacy papers Thursday.

McCormick has set up a Facebook page. She identifies herself in her filing papers as a community volunteer.

She joins San Juan Capistrano residents and and Ladera Ranch residents and .

Trustee Area No. 3

The field stands at two, with Alpay facing challenger , who owns a roofing company.

Trustee Area No. 5

The field here also stands at two, with Pritchard facing challenger .

Colleen Brick August 26, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Once again I will mention that a large group emailed their members and told them not to vote for Karin because you are for her.
Penny Arévalo August 26, 2012 at 06:06 AM
Yes, everyone is polarized and in their "camps." I'd love to get people talking about the issues. All sides. Of course, there's a letter going around saying you shouldn't post at Patch. I thank you for ignoring that. :-) What do you think it would take to get people talking (politely, of course!)?
April Josephson August 26, 2012 at 06:21 AM
Penny, you must love it that a group is saying not to post on Patch...that means everyone IS reading :-)
Sharon Y. August 26, 2012 at 06:22 AM
I will tell you who I am Mrs. Brick …..I am a parent who has several children in CUSD schools who’s children will be missing up to 3 weeks of school because your husband voted for that. My children will have larger class sizes because your husband voted for that as well. Not one question did TT Brick ask before he cut my children’s education short. He has shown complete disregard to the students and has done a awful job! As for the expression 10 year , that is all it is.
Penny Arévalo August 26, 2012 at 06:28 AM
Not really. I mean, of course I want people to read Patch. But not because it's a bunch of foxholes with everyone trying to blast each other. I'd rather everyone TALK to one another. But I do understand why politically, this isn't beneficial for the warring factions.


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