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Update: Reader's Injured Kitten Rescued

An abandoned kitten near Melinda Park was rescued by Mission Viejo Animal Services this week.

An abandoned kitten was spotted near Melinda Park by a Mission Viejo Patch reader, who told the story earlier this week.

That reader, Bill Aitken, was upset with the city's response when he called for help capturing the kitten.

Aitken said he was told he and his wife would have to capture the kitten himself. Despite his wife's cat allergies, they tried and failed to capture the kitten who appeared "blind in one eye."

But earlier this week the city did come to help rescue the down-and-out kitty. Here is Aitken's update:

Mission Viejo Animal control finally captured the cat. The two officers that responded to the incident were very professional and did a great job unlike the person that answered the phone on the initial call for help.

Maybe someone that needs a cat could go and rescue the cat at the shelter. The officer said that it was not a feral cat.

Do you have an animal rescue story for Mission Viejo Patch? Send it to editor Pete Schelden: peter.schelden@patch.com.


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