Mom Stands Up for a Rich Successful Golfer

Calling out a bully for putting down a successful rich athlete as he voiced his concerns over new high tax rates in California.

Going through my daily chores with the news on the television in the backround I heard something about Phil Mickelson, one of my favorite athletes, stating his issues about taxes and California and that his tax rate is so high that he is considering his options on where to live.

In my opinion this is completely understandable. If you are paying a very high rate of state, local and federal taxes it would or should be a consideration to anyone to find a place where their taxes are as low as possible. I get his frustrations, and considering we live in the United States of America, I also appreciate his right to state his frustrations, confusion and aggravation with a government and its lemmings to steal about 50 - 55% of his income, and watch them waste and ineffectively spend money on crap. I mean really, the last time the government had passed a balanced budget in the U.S, iPads didn't even exist!

Then I read this article from a professor at Syracuse University. In the article this professor says to Mr. Mickelson, a hard-working man, who has a wife with cancer and three daughters, employs many, and has basically lived a life of moral integrity and done well for himself, "Stop whining and give thanks for earning a fabulous living." Seriously, Mr. Burman?! Are you freaking kidding me? You clearly have never heard Mr. Mickelson speak if you think he is not thankful for the gift of golf that God gave him. If so, you are ignorant and annoying as a gnat. 

But I say this in the most respectful way, Mr. Burman, "how dare you?" 'Stop whining?' You have the nerve to tell someone to stop whining when they fork over millions of their dollars to an irresponsible government who can't even be bothered to come up with a budget in four years!? You sir are what is wrong with this country, you are a divisive nincompoop as you sit in your classroom and bitterly teach, because clearly you were unable to actually do anything but jawjack.

You are teaching a generation of young people that the rich and successful, hardworking employers just need to "pay up and shut up," and that is just wrong, and you are wrong on so many levels. Where were you when Tiger Woods moved out of California because of high taxes? Probably not calling him out on it, because you were too busy calling anyone that didn't vote for Obama a racist. You are the person in the country that makes me sad for the country. You are teaching and spreading the word that success and hard work and wanting to achieve wealth for your family is a bad thing, which goes against ever principle that this country was founded on. Go take a history lesson before you pontificate to those who are frustrated with a government that is failing this nation and throwing money at an adminstration that can't be bother with passing a budget. 

And to Phil Mickelson, as a mom, cancer survivor and huge fan of yours, you are one of the few professional athletes that on all levels of your life conduct yourself so gracefully and with dignity. Do not apologize about voicing your concerns over taxes. Don't let the intolerant, horrible group on the left make you feel bad for your achievements and success. Do not allow yourself to be silenced by a guy sitting behind his computer probably still wearing a corduroy jacket with elbow patches. You owe no one an apology for expressing concerns over giving about half of your income to a bunch of idiots to waste. Do not be sorry for working hard, achieving, and employing people. Do not ever feel ashamed and feel bad about success. That is not what this country was built on.

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